Armando Moreschi PRO 4:37pm, 10 March 2015
Le foto non ritenute idonee, verranno cancellate senza preavviso.
Per la permanenza nel gruppo è necessario contrassegnare come preferite le migliori foto degli altri membri !
La mancata osservanza di dette regole costringerà l'Amministratore alla cancellazione permanente del Membro dal Gruppo.
Specialmente quando si aggiungono foto al gruppo è bene attribuire "preferite" ad altre foto.
Un grande benvenuto nel Gruppo a chi accetterà queste poche e semplici regole !!!!!.

Rules :

A place for your fun, with quality photos and interesting images of all kind of subjects.
No photos are accepted pornographic or pedophile.
No photos are accepted politically motivated or praising a political movement.
We do not accept photos of violence against persons and / or animals.
Are not accepted comments offensive and / or harmful to other's dignity.
The photo is not deemed appropriate, will be deleted without notice.

To stay in the group is necessary to sign as favorite nicest photos of other members
Failure to follow these rules will force the Administrator to permanently delete the member from the group.
A big welcome to the group who will accept these few simple rules !!

Ever get 300 views but only 2 likes?
Ever been in a situation similar to this?
Well, In this group you have to like it when you view it! simple as that!
clicking on someones profile? help the person like their pictures! we are all here to get approval so go ahead! make someone happy just by simply liking the picture that you have viewed.

Rule #1: If you view it, Please like it!
Rule #2: if someone likes your pictures please return the favour.
Rule #3: Dont be shy to hit the comment button and say something nice! (you know we all love comments!)
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