CBJason 4:54pm, 5 November 2011
Welcome to November This month, the prize is an aluminum print from the folks over at Image Wizards! These folks are well known for the quality of their aluminum prints, and definitely of the higher end in terms of the products. Well worth considering for that extra "Wow" factor for you and your work. To enter the contest, check out the particulars here

As always, the Contest Guidelines and Rules of Engagement apply....
Weihua Chen 5 years ago
Reflections under the Bean sculpture at Millennium Park, Chicago. oooh, so shiny!

Reflective by Weihua Chen
Our Daily Challenge: Abstract Explored
stevetacula 5 years ago
Small Church in Rome, Italy

tcrosman 5 years ago
Here's my shinny. Ice on Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park
jeff tamagini 5 years ago
BJLottis 5 years ago
Pioneer Place Mall by BJLottis

Christmas Decor at Pioneer Square Mall in Portland Oregon
Perkins Cove
Living Beauty Photography [deleted] 5 years ago
iPaw 5 years ago
Shiny bellydancer and sword during performance before the High Desert Bellydance Guild in Central Oregon.
Sabine bellydance by iPaw
mpetersheim 5 years ago
Here's my entry, just finished over the last hour.

Aluminum Eye
Groups Beta