CBJason 2:32am, 9 May 2011
Welcome to the May Giveaway - this time the winner gets a very cool Hoodman Loupe - valued at $80 retail. The blog post has all the particulars, but here they are again, just to be sure everyone see's all the details.

1. One photo per participant

2. A new wrinkle – the winner must be able to receive the prize at a U.S. address. With the blog and pocast having an international following, I typically have the vendors ship the prizes direct, but because I have to ship it this time, in order to keep costs down – a U.S. address is required.

3. Photo must be work-safe/family friendly.

4. The longest side (either the top/bottom or the left/right) must be no larger than 800px or smaller than 600px.

5. The photo must be included in this Flickr thread.

6. The Flickr photo must be downloadable – we share the winning photo via announcement here on the blog and in newsletters – so I need to get it to do that!

7. Since the prize for the contest is a Hoodman Loupe – the theme for photos is: BLOCK (The Loupe blocks stray light…get it? :) You can interpret any way you like, so get creative as that always makes it interesting.

8. Have fun! Remember photography is supposed to be fun so keep that in mind as you approach the May giveaway.

9. Reminder Guidelines and Rules of Engagement links are here for easy reference. (I’ll also update the link to the contest page on Monday too).

10. If you don’t follow me on Twitter, do so here, then tweet the blog post page that announced the contest with the hashtag: #CanonBlogger

Check the blog post for the suggested tweet, as Flickr doesn't let me post it here...

Don't forget the Contest Guidelines and Rules of Engagement
Proudfoto 7 years ago
One block of my neighborhood... from a previous life.

One Block by Proudfoto
Weihua Chen 7 years ago
What thing "BLOCKs" more than a fort?
Amer Fort HDR by Weihua Chen
This is just for fun and I am not offically entering, but maybe it'll spark some ideas in a different direction...okay it's because I really wanted to enter but can't lol

Wooden Spoons On A Butchers Block

Lakes Photo Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Lakes Photo (member) 7 years ago
His name Diesel and his big head was "BLOCK"ing the light.

kerrloud Posted 7 years ago. Edited by kerrloud (member) 7 years ago
Try as she might.... She could not "Block" the light...
Series found at

Block the Light by kerrloud
..Evelyn B 7 years ago
Road Block
Lots of rainy weather lately and a couple of foggy days.
Road Block
mpetersheim 7 years ago
Here's my entry. I think my favorite so far is the one above me, by Evelyn B... nice shot and processing!

Blocks, on white
FrankSammut 7 years ago
Block of Solar Panels

Solar Block 800
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