CBJason 12:29am, 1 May 2009
Post your photos here to be considered for the Lightroom Giveaway from Adobe! The winner will be announced the last week of May!

Download a trial of Adobe Lightroom
Edit any photos you've taken in the month of May
Join the LDP Flickr group here
Share your two best pictures
All pictures must be work-safe/family-friendly

At the end of May, I'll take the ten best images and enlist the aid of Tom Hogarty to make a final judgment.

Good luck everyone and may the best image win!
vbanh 7 years ago
Do we need to tag the photos with Lightroom Contest or something like that?
CBJason Posted 7 years ago. Edited by CBJason (admin) 7 years ago
You can if you like - their existence in this thread will show their inclusion, so no specific tagging is necessary, but if people did want to add a specific tag, LDPContest1 would be great!
B.A.O.N Posted 7 years ago. Edited by B.A.O.N (member) 7 years ago
I like these two of mine:
(These were not taken in May so it's not eligible for the contest. I have just removed the image and put only the links instead.)

Sorry for that.
CBJason 7 years ago
Super images here, looking forward to seeing shots taken in MAY to be eligible for the contest...
mitzs2005 7 years ago
Nguyễn my fav out of your two is the water with the rose petals. Absolutely beautiful.
valduur 7 years ago
May is still young, but here's what I've got so far

Prepping for the big day by valduur
bburzycki PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by CBJason (admin) 7 years ago
[Edited to remove photo - sorry, a few too many complaints about the nsfw nature of the image in what is otherwise a family-friendly contest...but feel free to share some of your images that are more work-safe as you've got some great work in your portfolio]

This would be my submission

Lightroom 2
Playing with color presets that I decided to make to see if I really want to move away from PS CS4
carl_nichols PRO 7 years ago
Here's number one from me for the contest. Seems that every time I get a day off, the sun hides. Using "Lightroom" I was able to salvage this and brighten the colors too.

1-Hour Photo 7 years ago
First submission.

 by 1-Hour Photo
CBJason 7 years ago
Hey, cool photo! Like the colors and the facial expression! very nice...
hellziggy Posted 7 years ago. Edited by hellziggy (member) 7 years ago
Here is my first entry for the contest:

9054 by hellziggy
bitblue 7 years ago
Hmm. When I look through the submitted photos and their metadata, hardly any photo qualifies for inclusion, according to the rules. Am I missing something?
CBJason 7 years ago
I've not looked at all the meta data yet, but thanks for the heads up. Just an FYI:

Photos need to be taken THIS MONTH!
Photos need to be work safe
Preferably, edit your photos in Lightroom (trials available at

Do your entries meet these criteria? If not, consider more current material (I would consider all of these work safe...)
Ian Lacy PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Ian Lacy (member) 7 years ago
I apologize for not seeing the date requirement! Here's my real submission ;)


Lightroom is a really sweet tool!
B.A.O.N Posted 7 years ago. Edited by B.A.O.N (member) 7 years ago
This is my new one in May, edited in Lightroom, watermarked in PS.

Water drop by B.A.O.N
Designs By Tami 7 years ago
Here are my entries

Aleena05092009_ DBT 096-Edit-Edit copy2

Aleena05092009_ DBT 203-Edit copy
AlinNZ 7 years ago
We are in the throws of early winter so brightened up a bit with Lightroom.

Looking down the main street

Early morning feed. Sun rising and sky burnt out - tried to recover it with Lightroom

Horse @ Sunrise
SMK-Photography 7 years ago
Here are my entries.


mpetersheim 7 years ago
I just recently spent several days on Nantucket Island, off the Massachusetts coast, and this was the best shot I brought back from there. I only found this contest today, so hopefully I'll get time to shoot a second entry yet.... the original is also in my photostream, if you'd like to see what Lightroom did to it.
Sankaty Head Lighthouse, Nantucket, MA by mpetersheim
valduur 7 years ago
Just a note on the comment about the meta data. I can't speak for others, but for those of us just learning Lightroom, we're learning its capabilities. I exported my image from Lightroom and resized it in Photoshop and changed to sRGB for web publishing. Yes, I now see it's really very simple to do in Lightroom, however.

Using meta data alone to determine what something was created in is a very flawed approach. All editing can be done in Lightroom, but if the image is saved in Photoshop for any reason, that'll never show. Of course, if it would make someone happy, I could edit a photo in Photoshop, import it into Lightroom and then export from there to falsify it the other way around :-)
Designs By Tami 7 years ago
Well my entries metadata under software say Picassa, due to that is where I add watermark and resize to upload. All the adjustments were done in lightroom ~ does that mean my entries are not eligible? I don't upload anything without the watermark, habit I guess.
CBJason 7 years ago
No worries about the Lightroom component - that's more of a recommendation than a requirement. After all, the purpose is to learn about Lightroom, and the one that learns the best will theoretically win. If people use other editors like Photoshop, Picasa or GIMP as their final editor for the purposes of watermarking and that's what shows up in meta data, I am not worried about it. if someone wins the contest but doesn't use Lightroom - then they've really won nothing in the long run. There is a certain amount of trust and inherent integrity that I think 99% of all people go by, and I am not going to be a stickler on the software methodology - the only hard and fast rules I will stick to are capture date and that the images be posted in this thread.

Having said that, these were good questions and probably merited at least some comment, but with that out of the way, back to the photos! Happy Shooting!
A Fresh Take 7 years ago
I've been busy with Senior portraits this month. It seemed right to use these as my entries.
Brittney-45 by A Fresh Take

Kasey-29 by A Fresh Take
jkpaul PRO 7 years ago
Here are my favourites from this month - self-portrait ...

Zeitgeist (self-portrait)

... and one of my all-time favourite cars ...

Speedster - soaked
My entry with a Spring flavor:
Spring Flowers by Professional Snapshots
Cândido Almeida 7 years ago
My two pictures

Andreia #6

Em direcção ao Sol Poente...
Here's 2 from me. Managed through Aperture but I have been doing a lot of reading up around Lightroom and really like what I see.

Delicate in White

Blossoming  Orchid
Here are my two:

The End Of A Beautiful Day
The End Of A Beautiful Day

Tom + Teresa + Baby On The Way = Love
Tom + Teresa + Baby On The Way = Love
Krupa. She's Cool.

American Eagle
B.A.O.N 7 years ago
My second entry, edited in Lightroom, watermarked in PS.

Illusive Dreams Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Illusive Dreams (member) 7 years ago
Great photo Baon.

Here is my first entry for the lightroom contest.

This was taken through glass on the 28th floor of the Lincoln Center in downtown Denver.
Illusive Dreams 7 years ago
My second entry.

This was taken from the rooftop of the new science building at Auraria Campus in Downtown Denver.
Rob Weiher PRO 7 years ago
Here are my two entries.

old shutter against orange wall

koi pond
WOW. All of these gorgeous shots make me feel very very amateur (and like I live somewhere that has nothing interesting to shoot!). Just got a new home computer (its literally still in cardboard, and waiting to install all my software this weekend. Lightroom trial is on that list. Until then I am stuck editing things at work and they will not allow us to install anything (or even change system time on the computers! Big Brother bigtime!!!) ... so my pics (the shoe h@ and the gerber daisy) were actually completely UNedited! These are basically the way they came out of the camera. Can you imagine how much better they would be with Lightroom?!? :D
K-14 US 7 years ago
Here is my first of two. All processing in Lightroom !!!

Middle Earth

Middle Earth
RARector 7 years ago
Flowers by RARector

OK, wasn't really sure what I was doing with this but was fun to play with. Would love to learn more about Lightroom. I need to learn to add a frame and a watermark.
CBJason 7 years ago
Wow, great shots all! You're gonna make the judging very difficult I can tell - we'll see what the weekend brings! Just a reminder that this thread will remain open to entries through the weekend. Good luck all!
Buona Luce [deleted] Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Buona Luce (member) 7 years ago
Hi everybody. These are my two entries. Hope I'm still in time.

The Fight

Thanks everybody, and congratulations for your great pictures!
Triplejohnny Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Triplejohnny (member) 7 years ago
Again with the Rose

Frantz Vangen 7 years ago
Here are my two entries from the Arctic May.

quotidian photography 7 years ago
Here are my entries for this contest (hope I'm in time; I think I am).

Stormcloud by quotidian photography


Kanchanaburi 2 by quotidian photography

K-14 US Posted 7 years ago. Edited by K-14 US (member) 7 years ago

Taken at Easter State Penitentiary yesterday.. Imported into lightroom and exported.
Photosip [deleted] 7 years ago
Two of my shots from the capturing water drops technique seen at

Blink and It's Gone

Frozen in Time
Masten Photography 7 years ago
Brownies by Masten Photography

Looking at Life by Masten Photography
W.K. 7 years ago
Right Turn
Sid Armstrong 7 years ago
There is a God! by Sid Armstrong

the clearing after the strom.. There is a God!
t4m 7 years ago
Here are my two photos from Northern Spain:
Contest 2b
Lightroom Contest 1

I like many of the other entries.


CharlestonRocks Posted 7 years ago. Edited by CharlestonRocks (member) 7 years ago
First Submission:

BW Magnolia by CharlestonRocks

Raw Processed with Lightroom Trial
CharlestonRocks Posted 7 years ago. Edited by CharlestonRocks (member) 7 years ago
Second Submission

Egret by CharlestonRocks

Raw processed with Lightroom trial.
JPdatenshi 7 years ago
Here are my two submissions:

Tokyo businessman going home by JPdatenshi

Yeah, it's been busy lately by JPdatenshi

Thank you.
MHBImages 7 years ago
My two entries, just under the gun!

1 - Richardson's Ampitheatre in Moab, Utah
Moab Camping Trip 09-5

2 - Difficult Trail Ahead
Moab Mancation 09-11
brandon.dcruz 7 years ago
Hopefully this can be accepted.


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