LA Zoo Genealogy

MickiP65 PRO 7:10am, 26 June 2009
Ok, besides being a zoo lover, I'm an amateur genealogist, and so, it's only natural that I have also become interested in the family lines of the LA Zoo residents.

If you are interested, you can share your knowledge of the Zoo's residents lines in this thread.

I'll begin with one of my favorite LA Zoo's animals, Eloise, a Bornean Orangutan.
Ms Eloise

Here is one of her offsprings, also residing at the LA Zoo, Rosie:
Rosie Quietly Watching Her Visitors

Here are links to one of her offsprings, Michael, who is residing at the Phoenix Zoo:

Here are links to her granddaughter, Kasih, through her son Michael and his mate Bess, residing at the Phoenix Zoo:

Eloise's mother was Sally, and Eloise was a big sister to Ember, but Ember watched over Eloise's son, Michael.
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