EmperorNorton47 PRO 10:41pm, 28 June 2009
I've discovered that if you put your geotags at the entrance to the Zoo, they will turn up in the neighborhood known as "Milford Industrial" in Glendale. On the other hand, if you place them in the area where the animals usually are, you will see them pop up in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles.

For the sake of accuracy, I am now making sure that all my LA Zoo photos are placed where the animals are actually resident and in the Los Feliz neighborhood for all shots.
EmperorNorton47 PRO 9 years ago
Further observation: creatures at the north end of the zoo end up in the "Grand Central" neighborhood of Glendale.

The map's a little funky -- I've seen it place me in the neighborhood on the other side of the ridge and things on the ridge in my neighborhood. So when geotagging, be sure to check the neighborhood.
EmperorNorton47 PRO 9 years ago
Further note: If you want to change the neighborhood, you can do so by clicking on the "taken in" link on your photo. You will be asked if this neighborhood "sounds right". You can choose from nearby neighborhoods with a simple click. The location of your geotag will not change.

So if your location says "Milford Industrial", edit it and select Los Feliz if you want to stick with the protocol I am proposing. (The LA Zoo is in Los Angeles so . . . . )
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