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This summer, join us for a series of fun and educational programs that highlight animal behavior! The programs feature various animals including gorillas, giraffes, harbor seals, jaguars, chimpanzees, and pronghorns.

New activities range from engaging talks, entertaining feedings, spectacular debuts and exciting training sessions. In addition to these new programs, the Zoo continues its catalogue of successful programs that are already in place. The assorted programs run from 15 to 30 minutes in length and Zoo staff and volunteers will be available for questions after most events.

Beginning every morning at 10:15am, when the flamingos debut, the Zoo will be alive with possibilities for the whole family. Take in the World of Birds Show weekdays at 11:30am and 2pm (closed Tuesdays) and weekends 11:30am, 2pm, and 3:30pm, or catch the hippo feeding and talk Sundays at 1pm. Maybe your little one is fascinated by alligators; well then make sure you catch the alligator feeding and talk on Saturdays at 2pm. The public can even spend a few minutes getting up close and personal with different animals at the Animals and You booths, located in the Winnick Family Children's Zoo.

The Zoo's Adventure Theater will be open everyday at 12pm and 3pm featuring a show that fuses literacy, imagination, and information through an interactive story. Also, make sure to stop by Riordan Kids Korner, located in the Winnick Family Children's Zoo, daily from 11am to 12pm and 2 to 3pm. Here toddlers can read stories, take part in group storytelling, work on puzzles, or just explore.

Daily Programs
Good Morning Flamingos - 10:15am
Animals & You - 10:45am and 11:45am daily and weekends only: additional 12:45pm encounter
Riordan Kid’s Korner - 11:00am & 2:00pm
Adventure Theater - 12:00pm & 3:00pm
World of Birds Show - 11:30am & 2:00pm (no show Tuesday), additional 3:30pm show on Saturday & Sunday

Pronghorn Talk - 11am
Chimpanzee Lunch - 1pm

Koala Talk - 11:30am
Cape Vulture Feeding & Talk- 2pm
Sea Lion Feeding & Training - 3pm

South American Primates Talk - 1:30pm

Giraffe Feeding & Talk - 11am
Gorilla Lunch - 12:30pm
Jaguar Talk - 1:30pm

Chimpanzee Lunch - 1pm
Alligator Feeding & Talk - 2pm
Sea Lion Feeding & Training - 3pm

Gorilla Lunch - 12:30pm
Hippo Feeding & Talk- 1pm
Harbor Seal Feeding & Training - 4pm
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I would love to catch the Cape Vulture Feeding & Talk, but darn, it's on Tuesdays....
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Thanks for posting this to the group.
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Thanks for sharing!
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