What time??

mr_mannyd 3:14pm, 28 November 2007
What is the best time of day to go to the zoo? Are the animals more active early in the day or in the afternoon? Or what about feeding times ? I need to get out and about with the camera gear.
I need a pic fix.

mario.pineda 11 years ago
For me, it's during the weekday when there is no people at the zoo. Getting to the zoo early in the morning also helps when taking pictures, the animals tend to be more active, specially the tigers. The best weather is during the Fall and Spring, because it's not that hot or cold.
NekoMama7 PRO 11 years ago
Get there at 10 AM at the opening. More activities, less people.

You will probably catch Siamangs singing in the morning.

Weekdays are great, if you don't have to work. But you may bump into school groups. That might suck a big time.
mr_mannyd 11 years ago
Well I hope the animals don't take weekends off. I am going to be there Saturday morning.
THanks mstickmanp and NekoMama7, you both have some great shots of the zoo.
BriWit PRO 11 years ago
With the tigers, you often just have to wait. Pick a spot you think you'll get some good shots and stay put. My two favorites are on either side of the telescope and to the right of the signs. On week days you can move around, weekends you need to get a spot while they are lounging and then not move. Last time I was there I waited an hour before they were all up and moving around. I then shoot for an hour or two depending on how fast I use up my cards. I'm not a morning person so I've only been there at opening once or twice in 15 years:)
mr_mannyd 11 years ago
I made it to the zoo on Sunday morning.And not to crowded.

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