BriWit PRO 12:57am, 10 September 2006
Tom and Jerry were born May 25, 2006 and made their debut Sept. 7. They are the first Snow Leopards born at the L.A. zoo in 22 years.
Brett A. Fernau PRO 12 years ago
Well, now I know what I'm doing Monday morning. Thanks for the heads up.
Clare A was W PRO 12 years ago
they are having open house at my apartment tomorrow (I'm moving to the beach - yay) .. I think a trip to the zoo to avoid people being at my place maybe just what I need.
BriWit PRO 12 years ago
It's latino heritage weekend at the zoo this weekend. These special weekends are always so crowded I think we'll wait until next weekend.
NekoMama7 PRO 12 years ago
I was at the member-only Saturday morning thingy and let me tell you, I've never seen that many people at the LA Zoo before! I wanted to see the leeper cubs but there was no way! I have to go back again maybe next weekend.
BriWit PRO 12 years ago
That's a bummer! I haven't been to a member morning in quite awhile. The last one I went to was really nice and not too crowded. My knees didn't allow us to go as planned. Hopefully next weekend. The snow leopards are so hard to shoot with anyone else around so I will most likely have to try taking my three year old by myself on a weekday. Kind of a scary thought:)
Clare A was W PRO 12 years ago
I went this weekend but I didnt realise that to see the snow leopard cubs you had to go during members hour (I do have membership). I did see Lewis the new giraffe so that made up for it. It was super busy (and hot) this weekend.
Clare A was W PRO 12 years ago more about the cubs
NekoMama7 PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by NekoMama7 (member) 10 years ago
The cubs have left LA.

During my either end of the year or new year visit, I saw mama cat calling for her kids.

Then, today, I saw this article about Gerry's new life at Dakota Zoo in North Dakota.

I'm still looking for info about his brother Tom.
mario.pineda 10 years ago
No wonder when I went, one of the snow leopards kept crying.

Tom and Gerry will be missed.
BriWit PRO 10 years ago
Bummer. I have a bunch of Tom and Jerry photos yet to post, but I don't feel I ever got the quality of shots I wanted.
NekoMama7 PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by mario.pineda (admin) 9 years ago
Today (1/25/09), I saw mom and dad on exhibit together. Let's cross fingers for another set of cubbies.
mario.pineda 9 years ago
They been together for a while now, but so far no luck.
NekoMama7 PRO 9 years ago
mario.pineda 9 years ago
Here are some photos from the zoo's flickr account:
BuicksRock 9 years ago
Snow Leopard - ready to pounce

Went fairly early today and they were getting a lot of attention. They were pretty active in spells, and moved around the enclosure enough to offer a variety of shots. Pretty playful with each other, and they follow their mom around if she comes down to the front of the enclosure.

But they also park right by the fence and people watch, or hang out in the back, probably checking out a nearby bird exhibit. I shot with a 70-200mm lens, but probably would have been better served with some longer glass.

Happy shooting if you go.
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