FTDLeser 9:05pm, 25 February 2015
"A garden without Phlox is not just a mere error but a sin against the summer." This is one of the many of many quotes from the doyen of perennial breeding and garden poet, Karl Foerster. From the 1920s on he created a hype for these plants whose habitat is in the USA. He was also one of the first to recognise the beauty of uncut grass.

Echinaceae, too, have an interesting planting history. Having had their initial habitat in the US they seem to have been ousted and forgotten owing to the extensively industrialized agriculture in the Midwest and the preference of private garden owners for lawn. In fact, they have become common in Germany in the meantime so that they even got a German name (Sonnenhut). It needed the help of a German born landscape architect Wolfgang Oehme to repatriate the echinaceae in the US as a garden plant as you can see from his interview:

In fact, Wolfgang Oehme who died in December last year, after his emigration in 1957 became the most influential garden designer of the XXth century in the USA and who touted the idea of the lawnless garden right from the start of his career. The Vollmer residential garden served as his first experiment. It has existed until today and has so far attracted many other gardening and nursery professionals. Find more about him and his work here: wocogardens.com/wolfgangoehme.php
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