Looking Glass Magazine 9:25pm, 12 February 2012
First Annual WATBC Meetup, June 10 – June 16, 2012, Eastern Sierra, California.
A large format camera, women-only meetup. Organized by Women and their Big Cameras (WATBC). Activities include photographing at scenic locations in the Eastern Sierra, hot spring soaks, and classic summer cookouts. Five seats are filled, five remain open. PM for more info!
nebulous touch [deleted] 9 years ago
OOH! I wish I could go :( I'll be out of the country for work in June :(
Hi Elizabeth,

Sorry to hear you can't make it! If you're on Facebook, WATBC has a group page for women LF photographers. It's a really nice group of women.

If you'd like to join, send a request:
Amanda Tomlin 9 years ago
This sounds intiguing. I certainly haven't met many other women who shoot large. And I live in California...
nebulous touch [deleted] 9 years ago
I'm in Florida. Would love to me other LF shooters. Most of my LF work is on 4x5 and in studio. Some location portraiture.
We have five women attending so far, all working with large format. The meetup is 7 days, but participants can attend for as many days as they like. There is no fee. Feel free to email me if you're interested in attending: Meetup Info
lawatt 9 years ago
i've just recently started using my crown graphic, & am not sure if i could make it to the meet-up, but just sent a join request to the FB group...
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