Chris (Helena Valley) PRO 12:03am, 15 September 2009
Can an admin tell me why the limit has been set like this? I understand the need to limit the number of photos that can be posted by an individual to stop wholesale dumping of photos. But 2 per month seems a little too strict - in my humble opinion. For myself, I tend to use a number of groups very regularly, both for posting and visiting. I was very very pleased to find a group that appreciated non-processed landscapes because I am not a big fan of HDR and post processing. But if I can only post 2 photos per month then I will have trouble remembering to visit. (sorry, but advancing grey moments mean I have a short attention span!)

What about 2 per week? This seems to be a limit that would achieve the same ends without putting members off.

All comments welcome :-)

Andrew Luyten PRO 8 years ago
Hi there, and thanks for posting.

The limit was set this low by the group's founder in order to encourage people to carefully select what to post (as well as to prevent dumping as you point out). I do most of the moderation so it also has the benefit for me of not causing me too much work!

Personally speaking I would be quite happy to have an average of 2 good images to post per month, but others may well be more productive.

How about a compromise of 4 per month?

Does anyone else have a view?
Asiunka 8 years ago
I think 4 per month is better as that equates to 1 a week.
Kilrymont Ian 7 years ago
I'm not a member of any other group with such an extremely low posting limit. I echo what Chris said but I'd go further than she suggests.

I think the result of this is likely to discourage members from visiting.

People are creatures of habit. If the habit becomes set in ways other than coming here I think you'll end up with a high turnover and low retention of members. You may get quality but it's likely to be at the expense of enjoying looking at your own pictures and those of a few habituees.

2 a month seems draconianly restrictive. 4 a month is hardly any different.
simpsongls PRO 6 years ago
I just joined this group but 2 per month seemed a little limited. What really attracted me to the group is the restriction on post photo processing. Being from the old school of film and rather new to digital I am rather conservative. I have always believed that you must start with a good shot from the beginning. This takes time and consideration at the point of shooting rather than a scattering of digital images to play with in post production. Would like to see at least 4 per month.
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