ejohnson766 5:26pm, 27 August 2013
Am lost on this new link! What has happened to the alphabetical list of properties within each country, on which one could click to view a slideshow of an excellent selection of pictures of any individual Landmark?. This was always an essential pre-departure exercise; the additional pictures on Landmark's own website are a help, but too few. Is there still a way of accessing them?
spoonergregory 6 years ago
We thought we'd lost it, but it is still there, under the 'About' tab.

This link will take you straight to the page - www.flickr.com/groups/landmarktrust/rules/
ejohnson766 6 years ago
Thanks so much! Very relieved they are still accessible.
spoonergregory Posted 4 years ago. Edited by spoonergregory (admin) 4 years ago
For anyone using the new beta version of the Flickr Groups pages, the alphabetical list of landmarks is now at the bottom of the main group page ('Overview' in the top bar) underneath 'Discussions' and 'Top Contributors' - www.flickr.com/groups/landmarktrust/
Paul Holman 2 years ago
There seems to be an omission as there are no suggested tags for Mansarda del Fruttoto and Mansarda del Vigneto in Villa dei Vescovi.
spoonergregory 2 years ago
Thanks Paul, we've fallen a bit behind since the arrival of a new spoonergregory at the end of November, but will add these asap.
Paul Holman 7 months ago
Two years on and still no additional tags added for newer Landmarks.
If you need help with the routine admin tasks here add another moderator please.
spoonergregory 7 months ago
Think we're up to date now, let us know if any are missing
steve&elise 5 months ago
I can get to the scroll down property list by clicking on the picture at the top of the page, but there are no live links. I also have no top bar. Is it because I’m using the app on an iPad? It’s very user unfriendly and frustrating
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