Woolmark 7:44pm, 3 November 2008
Ten minutes of the Radio 4 programme 'Questions, questions' was given over to visitors' books and Landmark Logbooks were given a mention with comments by Peter Pearce and Simon Hoggart. You can listen again up to next Thursday afternoon (6th) at 3pm here:


spoonergregory 10 years ago
Thanks for the link Barbara - there was an entry by Simon Hoggart in the logbook at The Library (the only log book entry we've ever found by someone famous!).
Woolmark 10 years ago
Ah ha! Michael Winner (and friend) had stayed at the First Floor Flat at the Egyptian House - although it was several years ago we took his 'advice' on one of the restaurants and it was excellent! any other famous Landmarkers noticed? Barbara
kim cattrall at naulakha - getting into the role of carrie kipling for 'my son jack'
Paul, Petra and Bea 10 years ago
We saw Rupert Everett somewhere - can't remember which one though, or if it was the Rupert Everett.

(and Prince Charles visited Dolbeldyr, and signed the Log, but didn't stay)
steve&elise 10 years ago
Ralph Fiennes and Alex Kingston had a logbook entry at High End, New Inn.
Suzanne Kathleen. 10 years ago
Certain that we saw David Suchet just across the road from 43, Cloth Fair in the Church.
There is also someone famous who stayed at Maesronen, but the log entry was in another name. May have been a writer.
Suzanne Kathleen. 10 years ago
Knew that I would spell Maesyronen wrongly.
Boffin PC Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Boffin PC (member) 10 years ago
Follow this link to see a report on a Landmark visit by BBC presenter Mishal Husain:

www.travelmail.co.uk/travel/Scottish Lowlands/Bute-iful-dreamers-on-Scottish-west-coast.html?article_id=48808

Other well-known TV faces who have been Landmarking: Timothy West & Prunella Scales; Harry Enfield; Nicholas Soames.
'Chris' 10 years ago
and click here for an article on various Landmark Trust properties Jonathan Coe has written in
landmarkmoments 7 months ago
Nigel Slater, and possibly Jonathan Coe (under a pseudonym), at The Library.
Also, I have come across the entries of friends and family...
Woolmark 7 months ago
I think I remember seeing Jonathan Coe in the logbook at Lengthsmans Cottage many moons ago.
spoonergregory 7 months ago
Chris Packham (and dogs) at Appleton Water tower (2013/4?)
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