Newbiedo! :)

Photography by Clare Scott PRO 7:44am, 6 February 2008
Hi I`m Clare, (Beads by Clare Scott)

I`ve been lampworking for about 10 months now.

I LOVE it :)

I create glass beads and use my beads in my jewellery designs.

Great idea - didnt know Flickr 'did' groups! lovely to find you :)

Clare xx

P.S I have two websites: (for my beads) (for my jewellery)
sabuja 10 years ago
I'm sorry Clare but none of your links seems to work...
Hmmm..... they do when i click them.... I`m not sure what I`ve done wrong??

I`ll try again..... :)

sabuja 10 years ago
This one is working :)
By the way, your beads are beautiful...
Thankyou Sabuja :) X
Rowanberry Glass Art 10 years ago
Hiya Clare! :D but you know me already. I'm new here too!
Hi Claire. Pleased to meet you (again!) Hope you are ok :) xXx
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