Lucky Town Art Glass PRO 4:35pm, 20 June 2007
For the daughter of Marilyn Peraza
Title: For the daughter of Marilyn Peraza
You may wonder about the title for the beads, this is not the original name I intended to give to these beads, but something happened which made me want to change the name. I was looking at lampwork beads on ebay and read the following:

You may wonder why it is I am selling all of these beads or why I'm calling it "for my daughter." Some of you who know me, know that I make and sell my beads for a living. I've been making beads for over 7 years now. Recently, my child was drugged and sexually assaulted. Although the government offers many things for victims, getting the help is almost impossible and could take months. We don't have months - the longer we allow this to sit while waiting for help, the worse things get and the chances of finding the criminals get slimmer and slimmer. NO, THIS IS NOT A FUND RAISER OR FOR CHARITY… it is me, selling my personal beads for personal expenses within my family. (I only mention the reason so you can see the importance of me selling these beads, and ask that if you like the beads, you will please be generous when you bid). Every penney is going to towards the medical and pschyological help as well as putting up a reward to help find her attackers! Thank you! (written by Marilyn Peraza)

So I contacted her to offer my beads to her and she accepted and agreed that I would ask other artists to help. Which I do hereby!? Would you like to help? If you are an artist or anyone else who wants to contribute to raising money please contact me:
(you can donate money or you give what you do best: a piece of your art)
Thank you!!!
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