Howdy Howdy!!

Duda Designs 3:13pm, 19 December 2006
Woohoo! More lampwork chat! I just found this... Clearly I have not browsed flickr enough. Ha! I have been making beads for many years and I just LOVE flickr, especially when used with Wordpress. Anyway, just wanted to say howdy and Happy Holidays to everyone!!
sarah hornik 12 years ago
Hi Duda! Welcome to the group!
I've been admiring your work for a while - love your style!

Blanche and Guy 12 years ago
Hi Duda! I've been admiring your ever-progressing work, too! Glad to see another lampworker here... my husband is the one who makes them in our house... I make the jewlery.... :)
monkeybluesglass 12 years ago
Hi everyone
I just found this group also !
mattskiss99 12 years ago
Hey Miss Duda!
I'm tagging along here too.
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