HI Everyone!

StudioMarcy 3:24am, 1 December 2006
Hi there,
I'm another new member. My name is Marcy Lamberson and I live in Atlanta, GA. I've been lampworking for about 6 years and am a member of the Southern Flames group (ISGB Chapter).

Please feel free to check out my photos and I'm looking for contacts and friends. I'm new to Flickr too!

Nice meeting all of you. Can't wait to look at all your loveliesl
Jonnamarco 12 years ago
Hey, I have been admiring your work on etsy lately. Very nice, unique beads. Glad to meet ya!

sarah hornik 12 years ago
Hi Marcy, welcome to the group!
Your work is awesome - so unique! I really like your style.
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