I'm back!

sarah hornik 7:58pm, 12 April 2006
Hi guys,

I'm back after a kinda long dry spell - my kiln broke down, and that's not all that broke down... argh. But now everything is working again and I will soon have new bead photos...

I just wanted to say - I'm thrilled to see that this group already has over 50 members! Please keep posting photos of your great work.

Brett Anderson 12 years ago
Welcome back! Dry spells and busted kilns, you must have a flood of ideas in your brain, waiting to come out now!

Hey, 50 members, start posting! lol.

* ire * 12 years ago
Missed you!! Glad you´re back... hopefully with more eye-candy!! ;)
Blue_ 12 years ago
Great to hear that your kin (and everything else) is back in working order!

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