* ire * 2:59pm, 3 April 2006
Hello everyone! :)

My name is Irene, and I´m Spanish, but last week I have moved to Freiburg (Germany) to study for 6 months. Since I have heard that in Germany there is a lot of tradition for lampworking, I was wondering if any of you knew where I could recieve classes here in Freiburg, or at least, where I could find some information about it, because I have found nothing so far...

Thanks a lot, everyone!!! :)
Brett Anderson 12 years ago
Hello Kawai!
I don't know if anyone from this group is from Germany, but there are quite a few from Germany on the Lampwork Etc forum. You might try posting in the "Family Room" over there and make a plea for some "German advice" for teachers or locations for instruction while you're there! Good luck!

Brett Anderson 12 years ago
This gal is from Germany too:

Petra: Beadnik: is from Germany, here's her website:

Teresa: Lavendar Creek: is from Germany too, here's her linK

Hope you are able to network with these fine people and find a teacher or two!
* ire * 12 years ago
Thanks a lot, Brett!! :) I´ll try there!
herine_almad 12 years ago
Hola Irene!! Ya nos contarás para darnos envidia.... :p
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