Lampwork Books!

sarah hornik 1:00pm, 17 February 2006
Which ones do you have? Which do you recommend? Which are you contemplating buying?

I have, of course, the "mandatory" Passing the Flame by Corina Tettinger - I must say I was a little disappointed by it though. It is a really good book, but for such a high price I was expecting more. And besides, I find Corina's writing style a little obnoxious. She apologizes too much.
I also have 3 Passing the Flame "Spotlights" and I really love those. I have the "Inner Child" one, "Magic Color Reactions" and "Marketing Lampwork Beads" and they are all wonderful. (More info on Corina's website).

I also have Beads of Glass by Cindy Jenkins. It has a nice gallery (unfortunately not all the photos are in good quality) and many biographies of lampwork artists + smaple of their work - and some fun tutorials in a wide range of levels, going from easy to over-my-head complicated. I've actually tried quite a few of the eaiser ones and got nice results.

So I guess I haven't really found the perfect book for me yet. I'm considering getting Contemporary Lampworking, and The Complete Book of Glass Beadmaking by Kimberley Adams and 1000 Glass Beads are already waiting in my shopping cart. :-)
Blue_ 12 years ago
I don't think I can add to what you've got... I have Passing the Flame (just got it for Christmas) I have thought about getting a Spotlight, but then I figure I have so much to figure out from the main book I had better wait. So far her style of writing has not given me too much of a headache.

And I have Beads of Glass, this was the first book I bought and have to say I was disappointed with it. From a beginner-beginner's point of view it was a little sparse on directions, but now I that I a little bit of knowledge it's not such a bad book. I really did enjoy the artist's bio section.

I cannot say enough great things about 1000 Glass Beads, total eye candy and great for inspiration!

My next book will be the Contemporary Lampworking, I have heard good things about the book.
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