sarah hornik 6:18pm, 15 February 2006
I love looking at Corina's beads... who wouldn't?
I also really like Kim Neely's work. And Annikalilly's.
Also worth mentioning: Nirit Dekel who is an Israeli artist (and possibly the queen of dots).
And of course, the talented Amnon Elbaz, who was my lampwork teacher!

Who are yours?
Blue_ 12 years ago
Great idea to share, I really like some of the Japanese artists, like Shiori Aichi & Akiko Isono and of course Sage & Tom Holland. (cannot find a website, they are featured in the book 1000 Glass Beads)

Katherine Abbott,,Who is a wonderful person and always willing to answer my questions (I got my kiln from her)

And Sharon Peters,, whose beads make me smile
*Robin* PRO 12 years ago
My favorite is Leah Fairbanks. Her website could use some work, but the beads are gorgeous!

I was lucky enough to see her give a demonstration a while back. One of these days I'll have to post photos of the bead I bought - it reminds me of how far I have to go.
sarah hornik 12 years ago
I SO need to get 1000 Glass Beads.
(Come to think of it - we SO need a book thread! I'm on it!)

Sharon Peters is wonderful.
Leah Fairbanks is very talented - not really my style, but I'm curious to see what you bought! (She looks a little like the Virgin Mary in the photo on her website :-) )
mekkavandexter 12 years ago
i really like jena fulcher and cassie donlen and Jelveh. All really sweet gals :)
Blue_ 12 years ago
Leah Fairbanks has stunning florals... I too would love to see what you got from her.

Ah, Cassie Dolen! I love her beads, her web site was one of the ones saw that helped push me into taking a class. I just adore how she puts her bracelets together... now if only I could put together enough spare cash to buy one :)
Brett Anderson 12 years ago
All great favourites. I'd like to add Anastasia and Petra as a couple of my favs. I like the folks who step out of the box and suprise the heck out of me!
: )
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