ComradeQuiche PRO 12:07am, 22 October 2012
Every time I see a picture of one, the front plate is silver, with black leather. But mine came black, with black leather. There are also other parts on the camera that are black instead of silver. Did they make different versions of the super? Also there are charts on the viewfinder, instead of on the side of the body.
Pilot Super, getting an overhaul

Here is a version different from mine:
Pilot Super
j.noir 6 years ago
My three cameras (one 6 and two Super) are chromed, as in your second picture.

Looking at how mistreated the camera looks like, couldn't it have been painted by a previous owner ?
ComradeQuiche PRO 6 years ago
Perhaps you are correct. But, also, the little plate on the side of the body shown in the second picture is not on mine... Instead it is separated into two plates that are mounted on the viewfinder hood. Which I also have not seen

Also the paint was scratched in places, but it was very sturdy where it wasn't cracked... Makes me think that this finish was baked on. I mean I know you can have things powder coated but if this was powder coated it must have been decades ago.
j.noir Posted 6 years ago. Edited by j.noir (admin) 6 years ago
I don't think that details such as the side table could be considered as a difference enough to qualify as a separate model, but I am no authority...

Two of my cameras (the 6 and one of the Super) have the side plate, albeit smaller, and they have another table in the rear panel of the hood, but this one is of lesser quality, just painted, and on my two examples this table shows quite some wear. The second Super has a plain side, and two plates, one at each side of the hood (I assume that it is like yours).
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