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YPOQ #6: And the winner is...

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kqedquest is a group administrator kqedquest says:

Congratulations to Photog2U!

Photog2U (Randy Davis) will be collaborating with KQED staff on our next 2-minute YPOQ segment for broadcast and web distribution. It will air and premiere online on Tuesday May 12th, 2009.

His winning set combined 3 of his passions - photography, bikes and animals - into one unique collection. As with previous winners, his submission did a wonderful job of expressing a sense of locale, with a passion for nature, via a process that captures something unexpected and essential.

In his own own words:

"... I genuinely hope to help everyone see the beauty in Nature. We walk right past flowers, butterflies and song birds, when we should slow down and appreciate everything we're missing."

If you did not win, don't despair. We will be doing more YPOQ calls in 2009, as well as blogging about great submissions on the Quest web site. Sincere thanks to all who participated.
8:36PM, 10 March 2009 PDT (permalink)

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Natura Nerd says:

Congrats to Randy. I look forward to seeing your photos being broadcast on Quest!

Are any of the images in your set using your Graflex? It's good to know there are other Graflex users in the Bay Area.

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lawatt says:

congratulations randy!!!
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Photog2U says:

Thanks for your comments. I'm honored to be a part of this and look forward to meeting the people at KQED. Thunderman, I thought your bird photos were really great. None of my photos from the set were taken with the Graflex camera. I've been working on it and I think the camera is functioning properly now, even though its nearly 100 years old! I want to use it mostly for Nature Landscapes, instead of my digital camera. I also want to use it for most of my black & white shots. Would love to talk to you further about this kind of stuff. Have a good one. Randy

P.S. Thanks AGAIN Lawatt!
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