eastendimages 8:49pm, 7 May 2007
i'm curious which versions of Konica C35 do you have, guys? i've got C35V (viewfinder - fully automatic) and C35 EF (with pop up flash) can i upload also pictures from C35 EF?
of course! any C35, in fact mine is a C35 EF...
Sherlock77 (James) PRO 11 years ago
I just purchased one last night from a local thrift store, and know next to nothing about it. I'm not sure how well the shutter works and took a chance (couldn't check as there's still half a roll of film in it). Actually looking forward to seeing what photos are already on it, as I'm also a collector of old photos.

Mine is a C35 Autmotic with the silver & black camera body.

And all the controls on the lens confuse me just slightly, I'm sure it's not that complex of a camera though in reality. I also did a web browse and it seems to be well documented online.
JMF001 11 years ago
I have a C35 EF too. Zone focus. Lens makes sharp, contrasty images.
° . . [deleted] 11 years ago
Just bought a C35V yesterday, can't wait to see results!
oldglass PRO 11 years ago
C35 Automatic and C35 EF3
lechesis06 11 years ago
I got a c35 automatic,that's my favor!!
Aleks_K 10 years ago
I got a newly reincarnated C35 automatic (black), and a konica POP (AKA Konica C35 EFJ) in yellow
mm35exp36 10 years ago
EF3 - very nice lens, runs on AA batteries, scale focusing is nice for street (I'm just a bit lazy for C35 RF without DOF scale on lens). And cute colored body misleading people like this is completely toy camera.
Living in Japan and getting my cameras via the Japan edition of Yahoo Auctions, I have the C35 E&L (C35V elsewhere) and the C35 Flashmatic (C35 Automatic elsewhere).

I've bought a nice little belt pouch that seems almost to have been made for a C35, the fit is so perfect. It has an small outside pocket just right for holding a couple of spare batteries and up to 4 rolls of film (without canister). I normally keep it tossed into the bag I carry to work with me.

I typically have at work with me a DSLR, maybe a film SLR, and depending on my whim a TLR, medium format folder, box brownie, etc. But no matter what else.....that C35 Flashmatic is right there. It goes where I go.

The zone-focus on the C35V makes it an ideal camera for casual use and also ideal for use with a flash on night scenes. Can't see well enough to focus? Or to see the distance marks on a lens? No problem with this camera. Just guesstimate the distance, set focus by feel, and shoot. The flash will close down the aperture enough to let DOF solve most focus problems.
craigemorsels 10 years ago
I just came across my mom's old C35 EFP (which is what it says on the case, although on the camera itself it just says C35). I am going to test it out today after I find some film and a battery. The battery might be corroded though....
Dave Ferrie 10 years ago
just got a c35 e&l, light seals are a bit gummy but should be ok. i put a battery in it and seems to be ok, the needle in the viewfinder moves according to the light, but i'm not sure if the shutter speed actually changes. will load it with agfa vista and give it a try next week
litrato101 [deleted] 9 years ago
I have a C35 E&L. I've run a roll and I wasn't that happy with the results. I guess I need to know that camera better :-).
eridaxu 9 years ago
I have a C35 EF3,that's my favor~!
Charlie Trash Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Charlie Trash (member) 9 years ago
I have an AF, but I would like to get my hands on a little Auto S3, C35 rangefinder or even a zone focus C35V viewfinder.

I'm curious to know how that zone focusing will work out. I'm blind. I'm also curious to see what a thumbwheel is like. I plan to use them with small flash units. I'm hoping that they will perform better than my Nikon One-Touch or Canon Sure Shot. I missed a chance to get one for $5 yesterday.
surfinsandy23 8 years ago
I just found a C35 EF at a yard sale today for $2. So I just joined the group and looking around. Mine has a case, but it's still fairly dirty, the battery cover is broke, but being in a case should be ok, I hope.
Pretty nifty!
mymamiya1 8 years ago
I've ran a couple rolls through my C35 and it surprised me with its quality. It's very easy to underestimate this little gem.
HP5man 8 years ago
I've got a C35 Automatic in black. It's in very good condition apart from the "B" setting not working. Is this a common problem with this model?
Tinker's Mum 8 years ago
I have 2 C35 automatics- Ive never seen any of the other versions.
Alvaro's Pix 8 years ago
C35 Automatic
Pen and Vogue 6 years ago
I have C35 EF3. In Japan some people argue that EF3 is the best snap-shooter of all the cameras. I have a red one. As mm35 says, the ''cute colored body misleading people like this is completely toy camera.''
quietlightphoto 6 years ago
Black C35
Greyscale3 PRO 6 years ago
Black C35 and chrome C35 Flashmatic
Chrome and Black Konica C35's

Konica C35 EFP
br1078phot PRO 6 years ago
I had a C35, but gave it away on RFf at Christmas (it was gifted to me as a broken unit, so I fixed it). I have a C35 Automatic that is awaiting repair, and just came across a C35 EF3 a couple of weeks ago. Just shot a roll in it yesterday, have posted the photos in two sets. I'll post a few in the group.

Barreur/Skipper 6 years ago
I had a C35 auto. Now I have a plain C35 and I love it. Fine little RF. No problem with the zone focusing system.
lancekingphoto PRO 6 years ago
I got my C35 MF off eBay. $10 and in immaculate condition. The guy even included working batteries and the original case.
quietlightphoto 6 years ago
Konica C-35
ChrisPerriman 6 years ago
Got my C35 Automatoc on Ebay for £30, really good condition. The light seals have gone gummy but I've put a roll of film through it and there's no leakage.
Quite amazed by the quality of the images coming out of this thing!
.grux. PRO 2 years ago
I have a black Konica C35 automatic, a chrome Konica C35 and a bright red Konica C35EF3. On the look out for a Konica C35 V. My little black rangefinder has a black metal lens cap and the Auto-Up CA 100~50cm with case, all in pristine condtion.
darronbarnes 2 years ago
Konica C35 by darronbarnes

Konica C35 V by darronbarnes

Konica C35 Automatic by darronbarnes

Konica C35 by darronbarnes

I also just received the X-14 flash to use with them.
Alan Yahnke PRO 9 months ago
Konica C35AF
ptarmy 6 months ago
Just shot a roll of ilford FP4+ through a "pot luck bay" purchased Automatic silver black model which I had to repair, (corroded wiring, light seals, and loose lens). Looking at the negatives, developed in rodinal 1:50 for 15 mins, they are pin sharp with plenty of contrast detail, and I must admit I'm very impressed with the quality of the them as the should be a doddle to print. So as soon as I do this I'll upload them.
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