Kodak Alaris 6:10pm, 31 December 2008
It's a new year and time for a new THEME! For JANUARY 2009 please share your photos that represent "NEW". Anything that means fresh, pristine or a beginning. It's a brand new year and we would like to see what it means to you.

Is new...

the tubby bellys cost extra

a pair of puppies?

winter scene

fresh untouched snow?

spring crocus

a sprouting flower?

cute hat

a new hat on a new little person?

new brown chuckies

brand new shoes?

Please share what new looks like to you!
Adrian energy 9 years ago
Beautiful flowers and buds that will be in a few days new flowers.

Hi world!
symonmreynolds PRO 9 years ago
When Spring arrives, so do the lambs.

Pie Filling Wimpole Apr 2007 E by symonmreynolds
Mari Sterling Wilbur Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Mari Sterling Wilbur (member) 9 years ago
And the baby horses...

Their First Meeting

Dakota and Chris
:+: Luli in ATL :+: PRO 9 years ago
Each new day brings new opportunities to witness something truly memorable...

Nicolas Valentin PRO 9 years ago
new discovery
Simply still,Simply Scotland............
Ainm Eile PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Ainm Eile (member) 9 years ago
NEW is a flower just ready to open and show its beauty - like this fuchsia.....

ready to burst
GO®D WEISFLO©K PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by GO®D WEISFLO©K (member) 9 years ago
'Puddy', only a few weeks old here, rescued from the nasty streets of Shanghai...
First Puddy Photos by GO®D WEISFLO©K
Kodak Alaris 9 years ago
Adrian energy - nice shot! Is that an orchid?

symonmreynolds - perfect! A lamb is a perfect photo for "new"!

mixedupmedia - look at those long legs!

:+: Luli in ATL :+: - amazing picture.... the light and dark contrast is so dramatic. And one lone seagull to take it all in!

nicolas valentin - nice!

Ainm Eile - I love those flowers.

GordWeisflock - lucky Puddy! Love that name!
praram 9 years ago
Window  to the World Below
choyero 9 years ago
Just opened that morning :-)

rochpaul5 9 years ago
Dove and Buggy
Kodak Alaris 9 years ago
Praram - everything is new through their eyes!

choyero - can't get much newer than that.

rochpaul5 - what perfect timing!
Wentbackward Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Wentbackward (member) 9 years ago
Hayleigh B&W

My daughter - she does something new everyday, but also this is the first roll of film I've processed myself in over 25 years, so it also feels new!! Captured on TMAX 400.
ShaZ Ni 9 years ago
New Friends

new memories. :D

Max and Gracie baby Max jr just learn to fly..!
photodaddi PRO 9 years ago
Csizmadia Tamás 9 years ago
Second run

My new shoes :)
ouscribbler 9 years ago
New - born todayFaith (born 04:44 13th Jan 2009)

Not my best photo - but I think that the image speaks for itself ;-)
© Quetzalcoatl © [deleted] 9 years ago
a new free way for free peoples ;)
afternoon 01 05 2009 Free ways for free peoples ;)))
Kodak Alaris 9 years ago
Wentbackward - too cute!

ShaZ Ni - what a wonderful sentiment!

suriserjay - wow!

photodaddi - first trip to an aquarium?

Csizmadia Tamás - ahhh! I love new shoes!

ouscribbler - it certainly does speak for itself!

Guido ♥  + South West Germany - : )
electrosmack1 [deleted] 9 years ago
New film, for me anyway. Tri X Pan 320.

Rock, Mount Hope
T.S. Wright 9 years ago

Going Home (Sepia)
Shale Albao 9 years ago
New to my ears!

Transmissions Gangan - a live car orchestra electronic music and video performance by media artist Tengal, Canadian-based musician Chris Brown, and the Gangan Ensemble.
Richard@Skye 9 years ago
New life
Less than 1 day old
choyero 9 years ago
A pigeon standing over a dead one, saying new cycle to the park pigeons !
Palomas by choyero
CzechBar PRO 9 years ago
With Hanička 2

New Year starts with an old (the best) friend by my side and some old relationships left behind... The new is hopefully going to be good.
roamin06 [deleted] 9 years ago

A fresh blanket of snow to play in
Mark Maden 9 years ago
New Photoshop Skills

Winter Wonderland
Kodak Alaris 9 years ago
electrosmack1 - nice black and white!

Tracey W - nice composition

Shale Albao - very interesting!

sheppey cottage - oh ho ho... that is sooooo cute!

choyero - ahhh... I had to click and look at the larger image. How did you spot that?

baryka - Happy New Year!

roamin06 - looks like fun!

Defqon - really cool! Electric!
Romair PRO 9 years ago
So what’s this thing?

A brand new baby brother
AndreAlex 9 years ago
Good Fellas

When learned today to look at the future with those who did the past.
choyero 9 years ago
New hope to preserve species, this bird was awaiting to her mate.

Esperando by choyero
Kodak Alaris 9 years ago
Romair - very cute photo

AndreAlex- looks very vintage

choyero- how perfectly she matches the fruit in the tree!
Expressions by Christine Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Expressions by Christine (member) 9 years ago
Wintry Bridge II
Fresh crisp snow and bridges to cross to explore something new.
Kodak Alaris 9 years ago
lia.b and Expressions by Christine - I love that your photos got posted one above the other! I think they go together so well!
olversdottir 9 years ago

Jól 2008 138
davidcutts1 9 years ago
debi1054 9 years ago
The cycle continues
DSC_0271 C
clevelandsurfkid 9 years ago
Danny 265
Kodak Alaris 9 years ago
olversdottir - great fireworks shots! Happy New Year!!!

davidcutts1 - he looks pretty new!

debi1054 - great shot! so close.

clevelandsurfkid - cute!
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