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Hi Everyone. I'm a new Admin and wanted to introduce myself and also mention that I would like to see Ektar tags for photos so that anyone searching for the Ektar name all these great photos will show up.

Check out below, in the description, for more information on tagging.


  • STICKY  Ektar 100 on Flickr Blog (May 8, 2012) / Welcome new members

    I'd like to welcome the 152 people who joined this group since May 8th. I bet ma...

    MrDAT6 months ago31 replies

  • Freezing Kodak Ektar 100

    Does freezing Ektar 100 out way putting it in a fridge? Or does it need it anyw...

    vacdente6 months ago3 replies

  • Ektar pushed to 400

    I decided I wanted to see how Ektar 100 looked when pushed to 400iso. I couldn'...

    Meekrok6 months ago55 replies

  • Why do so many idiots post digital pictures in this analog group?

    Just a question: how come so many pictures definitely taken with digital cameras...

    FlexCord10 months ago16 replies

  • Proper Exposure With Ektar- Please Help

    Hi, I just bought my 1st pack of Ektar 100 in the 120 format. I have read some t...

    ArthurJS20 months ago125 replies

  • Ektar as Pseudo IR Medium

    In case someone wants to play, I dropped saturation and vibrancy to zero in Silv...

    Alan Butler20 months ago0 replies

  • 35mm Ektar samples ?

    I ve seen some amazing 35mm samples that could almost pass for medium format and...

    cinefotoedicao21 months ago8 replies

  • Scanning

    Hello everyone! What scanner and software do you use? I've tried my old Cano...

    Kokosh Anelle25 months ago4 replies

  • Ektar for studio photography

    Hello! Next week I'm having a photoshoot at my studio and I have never used e...

    danimartin.info27 months ago0 replies

  • Pull process

    Anyone try pulling Ektar 100?

    (senza-tea-mora)30 months ago12 replies

  • Ektar Photos turned out Yellow or too warm

    Hello friends, I've just received my developed roll of Ektar100 back and some o...

    LostBoyMemoirs31 months ago4 replies

  • Issues with Ektar in Daylight

    Hello. I've shot my first few rolls of Ektar 100 35mm, and almost all of the lan...

    m△x32 months ago14 replies

  • 100 vs 80 for speed setting?

    Hello fellow Ektarian's I always overexpose my negative films by 1/3 a sto...

    quietlightphoto32 months ago19 replies

  • 4x5 film, drying marks?

    I think that my lab did not do a good washing or drying or something, there are ...

    eagle11280033 months ago2 replies

  • Ekta 100 with Yashica Mat 125

    I love this film, it has powerful true colors and no noise! Picture was done wit...

    Foto-Austria36 months ago0 replies

  • Metering for ektar

    They say getting exposure right for ektar 100 is difficult. Does one rate the f...

    broken field39 months ago39 replies

  • Ektar pushed to 400asa

    I take pictures of dinner and by mistake set asa as 400. I asked minilab to p...

    CatLanser40 months ago10 replies

  • new member to group !

    it's good to see there is still plenty of interest in traditional film either as...

    gerryw photography49 months ago3 replies

  • Kodak Ektar for sunset/sunrise

    Hi, Most landscape film shooters agree that Kodak Ektar delivers great result...

    jonasfj49 months ago0 replies

  • Landscape with Ektar 100?

    Hi, I am going on vacation to Kanada soon and wondered if i could shoot with the...

    acoat49 months ago10 replies

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