Dying In Downey 7:13am, 16 August 2007
RIght across the street next to Independence Hall. Can anyone recall this place?
kalavinka [deleted] 9 years ago
Is it where the pond and merry-go-round were or someplace else?
Cynrtst PRO 9 years ago
I didn't have a digital camera in those days....do you know when exactly they got rid of the boat and all that?
pgsvensk PRO 9 years ago
I grew up in Knott's backyard, and spent many summer days in the 70s playing ditch 'em with friends on Jungle Island.

It closed October 1, 1982 to make room for a huge parking lot. The "free side," as we called it, included a lake with pedal boats and a steamboat, an antique carousel, and a miniature train. See tinyurl.c*m/57fbxm for the site plan of the Island. (Replace asterisks [*] with lowercase o, due to Flickr's blocking of tinyurl.)

Other good links:

tinyurl.c*m/6gvne2 (Scan of Jungle Island postcard)
tinyurl.c*m/68ysuj (Covered Bridge Entrance and Lagoon)
tinyurl.c*m/6p66nq (Cordelia K steamboat at the free lake)
tinyurl.c*m/6n8jv5 (Miscellaneous Knott's pics)
tinyurl.c*m/6ctem9 (More historic Knott's pics)
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