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Ladies, let the Loom-Along begin--here's the scoop! Loomingly yours, Vickie


  • Finishing off the Alice warmers

    I understand how to do it until I get to the part where it's taken off the loom....

    spiralnautilus27 months ago0 replies

  • Question about the pattern re: size

    It's for a medium, 8" circumference. What should I do if my circumference is 8.5"...

    kristin_a (Meringue Bake Shop)27 months ago10 replies

  • Free Hand Warmer Patterns

    I want a bunch of different patterns to make hand warmers so I have lots of diff...

    spiralnautilus27 months ago0 replies

  • DId I do this right?

    I made the first wrist warmer last night and I was wondering if I did it right. ...

    ashley79827 months ago4 replies

  • Hand Warmer Thumbs

    Is it possible to make a regular thumb-less pair of hand warmers, take out your ...

    spiralnautilus27 months ago0 replies

  • hat with a visor

    Just started using the looms. love them.needing a pattern for a hat with a visor...

    herroyalhighness151 months ago1 replies

  • Disappointed

    I was realy disappointed with how my wristwarmer turned out. I was making it fo...

    SoccerMomKnits52 months ago3 replies

  • WOW!

    I am so excited! I just found this site. Can't wait to get started.

    Twiggys52 months ago0 replies

  • Flat knit w/ lace up

    Has anyone tried knitting it flat and lacing or sewing it up the side? I have r...

    JennArndt53 months ago1 replies

  • thumb holes

    So, you do the thumb holes and then go 2 1/2 more inches right? How many back an...

    ashley79853 months ago3 replies

  • Felting

    Anyone tried to do the fingerless mitts and felting? I'm thinking about trying w...

    .S.F.K.53 months ago2 replies

  • excited!

    i'm thrilled to actually try the loom that's been sitting in my craft room for y...

    mcmrymoon53 months ago10 replies

  • Faulty loom?

    I can't get started because two of the pegs on my loom keep coming out of the lo...

    HellsBells653 months ago3 replies

  • woo hoo

    I can't wait to make more sets of these wristlets. My mom and niece will love th...

    kpreachers54 months ago1 replies

  • Hello!

    Hi! My name is Lindsey & although I am not a Twilight fan, my niece is a really ...

    linzserena54 months ago6 replies

  • Super fast and super fun!

    Hi Everybody-Hope you're all having as much fun as we are. I made my first mitt...

    goldberie54 months ago3 replies

  • Help please

    So when I'm making the thumb hole, will I have two rows on my pegs or three? The...

    kristin_a (Meringue Bake Shop)54 months ago2 replies

  • Question about wrapping yarn...

    Hello! I don't know if I've been wrapping my yarn correctly. I made a little dia...

    linzserena54 months ago2 replies

  • Wooo!

    I'm excited! I have had a flower knifty knitter loom for a while now and have on...

    cameracrack54 months ago2 replies

  • Hello!

    Looking forward to this project....just in time for the winter weather! And gift...

    eleaner154 months ago2 replies

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