shafina 12:59am, 7 December 2006
as we have already mentioned, we will have a prints trade among members during the coming meetup.

there is now a little bit of development, and we have decided to tie in the trade with a CONTEST!

that's right, for the coming meet, select your best photo according to the given theme, make five (5) 4R copies of the photo and bring it to the meetup. next:

1. your photo will be entered into a contest. two (2) winning entries will be picked, with prizes sponsored by Pixart Sdn Bhd.

2. you will also receive 5 different prints from other members in return.

sounds good? here's a summary:


date: sunday, 17th december 2006
time: 12pm
venue: Izzi KL


to enter: bring five (5) 4R copies of your selected photo.

note: for the prints trade, the theme is open, but to qualify for the contest, your photo should be within the WHERE IN MALAYSIA? subject.


1st prize: one (1) Pixart Coffee Table Photo Book
2nd prize: one (1) Pixart Pocket Photo Book

see the Pixart Products page for details.

you will also receive 5 different prints from other members in return.


if you have any questions about the prints trade and contest, please ask here.

(but let us know if you're coming in the meetup topic instead)
shafina 11 years ago
just a couple of notes since i've had people direct these questions to me privately:

1. pick just one (1) photo, then make five (5) 4R copies of the same photo.

2. please put your name (or flickr ID), title, date, and number (1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 4/5, 5/5) at the back of each print.

thanks for participating! ;)
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