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Self portraits

Lenny&Meriel PRO 11:35am, 17 December 2005
OK, gang, it's time to introduce yourselves properly now, and seeing as we take photographs the obvious way to do it is from a kite. It doesn't have to be perfect (none of mine are - they're usually accidents) and you can go out and shoot a new one if you want to look your best, but either way I want to see you all up here.

I'll start us off:

Self portrait

Let's have you, people.
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timonoko 11 years ago
Cant you see I am busy, go away:
Jones Airfoils 11 years ago
7-3-05 KAP Camp Jones Airfoils at Hatteras
David Mitchell PRO 11 years ago
As usual when I'm KAPing, the sun is right behind the kite. You can see its shadow behind me and that of the rig in front.

Note that here I'm in my 'ambulatory mode' - carrying all my KAP stuff with me.
DeoxyribonucleicAcid PRO 11 years ago
This is me with my beloved on the north shore of Lake Superior back in July. ( She's on the right. )

Self portrait
kyteman PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by kyteman (member) 11 years ago
BGL & horse

That's me on the left, with a patinated bronze "driftwood" sculpture by Deborah Butterfield, at Whitman College, Walla Walla, Washington.
DeoxyribonucleicAcid PRO 11 years ago
Looks like the horse wants in on your KAP action, Brooks.
KAP Cris PRO 11 years ago
Me and my shadow ....

Me and my shadow
KAP'n Craig PRO 11 years ago
My giant leap into.........
All the way
wdrwilson PRO 11 years ago
Here is a shot of my Friend Scott and I Kap-ing one late September afternoon..

Kap Illustrated
Simon Harb PRO 11 years ago
Amazing how differently this "theme" has been interpreted by all. Heres another taken earlier this afternoon. Just aftert taking this the wind died and it started to rain. The castle where we were flying will have to wait for another try.

Self portraits in the snow
linnar Posted 11 years ago. Edited by linnar (member) 11 years ago
Here I am (right) with fan club (Jarkko & Jari).

Me... notice the lack of a kite. I had one of my reindeer holding it. Happy Christmas.

JLW at Jamboree Stone
weavingmajor Posted 11 years ago. Edited by weavingmajor (member) 11 years ago
Daniel gets a self-portrait just about every time he flies his kite, and strangely enough it's always titled "DSCF0001". We think it stands for "Daniel's Still Camera Flying."


(Daniel takes all our pictures, I crop and straighten and waste time on photoshop, and then get all his compliments for him at Flickr.)

Timo, your composite made me laugh, especially the title and the picture of you in a parka.

Dave, nice to meet the man behind the dog. Glad to see your sweetie got a shot at the remote.

Linnar, try as I might, I can't make sense out of your gear. Bicycle? and skis? and a tow bar? and one friend wearing skates? Were you letting the kite tow you across the ice while KAPping, or...?

I'm really enjoying this set. Fun to meet everyone. Thanks, Lenny! (I think *this* is the virtual version of having everyone over for a hot toddy, Kap'n Craig!)
kyteman PRO 11 years ago
I was going to wait to see a few more portraits accumulate, but I gotta say that there is an appalling shortage of gloves among these kappers!

How can you fly safely and concentrate on KAP when you've gotta worry about string burn? Sorry, folks, but that's just dumb, IMO.

Try West Marine, or Duluth Trading, or the corner hardware store -- pretty cheap protection.
David Hunt 11 years ago
Brooks, I hope my self-portrait makes you feel better.

David Hunt Posted 11 years ago. Edited by David Hunt (member) 11 years ago
As Brook's chief glove apostle, take a look at this cut in my glove caused by 80# line with a small toy delta (non-KAP kite). The line made a slight cut into the skin. Without the glove it would have been a very nasty cut.

DeoxyribonucleicAcid PRO 11 years ago
Funny this should enter the discussion.

The shot I posted above was among the last I performed without gloves. It took one nasty flight to make me buy a pair. I figured gloves were a slick alternative to scavenging for severed digits.
DeoxyribonucleicAcid PRO 11 years ago

Thanks for the holiday wishes and kind words.

Isn't it funny how a silly thing like a camera on a kite can unite so many people from all around the world?

A happy holiday season to all. I hoist a glass in your general direction.

kyteman PRO 11 years ago
I'll drink to that! Cheers to all!
KAP'n Craig PRO 11 years ago
My goblet of chilled spirit is raised with gloved hand to all of you. Happy Holidays!
Lenny&Meriel PRO 11 years ago
I was going to post up a new thread for this as I'm away for a week or so, but you've begun already, so:


Hope Santa leaves you with something that flies and captures images with increased detail and resolution - well, that's what I put on my list anyway (although my wife told me straight away that he doesn't deliver to adults and that I'd just have to wait, humbug!).
Jones Airfoils Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Jones Airfoils (member) 11 years ago
With refreshment at the ready in my other gloved hand (from West Marine even), HAVE A GOOD ONE

This was a good one for me because I began KAPing this year.
GoodMolecules PRO 11 years ago
OK, I'm a little small here - but at least my feet are wet...
Breaching the Sand Fortress
GoodMolecules PRO 11 years ago
And a big Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of my KAP friends here on Flickr! Thank you all for the time you spent viewing and commenting on my KAP attempts and, most importantly, for sharing your photos and yourselves. I look forward to more KAP fun with you all in the new year. Here's to you!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to You All

(a shot of Kyeti on Christmas morning 2004)
linnar Posted 11 years ago. Edited by linnar (member) 11 years ago
Hi weaving major,

Finns uses mostly bicycles here in Oulu and they come to kiteskiing also by bike. It was only attaching point to my KAP kite and his tracktion kite... :) They just finished skiing and I shot pictures.

My best wishes to KAP community! Here is my Christmas card:

Flickr Dave PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Flickr Dave (admin) 11 years ago
Merry Christmas everyone, and Happy New Year!

Flickr Dave

P.S. The name is Dave Wheeler in the real world.

Yvon Hache 11 years ago
It's been a long time since my last contribution. So here it is

Haiku Garry Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Haiku Garry (member) 11 years ago

taken with my auto mechaniKAP thingy. (its in my photostream)
Mike Z PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Mike Z (member) 11 years ago
Hi, KAPers. I tried KAP in order to take a self-protrait for www.toycamera.com. I enjoyed putting a rig together and making it fly. I have that puzzled expression on my face because I was trying to see whether the time-release mechanism had, indeed, released.

Self Portrait
weavingmajor 11 years ago
...so now that you've seen this you'll have to get another photo with a confident smile and wave! :o)

just kidding, mostly. our first questions now when the camera comes off the cradle, after nearly a year of KAPping, is still - "did we get any photos? was the camera really on? was the camera really pointed the direction we thought it was? did any of the pictures turn out?"
kapercarl Posted 11 years ago. Edited by kapercarl (member) 11 years ago
Well I guess it's my turn to show myself and my shadow;

KAPdon 11 years ago
Like Kyteman, my favourite self portrait was with a statue, a stone lion. What I did not realize until I examined the photo, was that the garden was in the shape of a "D" for "Don"...an added bonus indeed..
Don & Lion Self Portrait
irelandseye PRO 11 years ago
This is the best I can do! I am still experimenting with KAP.

KAP - in the Glens
weavingmajor 11 years ago
Welcome everyone! nice to see you!

...Or even just half of you, Ireland! That's actually a great beginning. Let's see now. (1) The rig and kite are both in your possession. (2) The kite's aloft and (3) so is the camera, (4) the camera was on, (5) the shutter triggered, (6) you remembered to put the memory card in, (7) it's in focus and (8) there's no motion blur...

...I'd say you're definitely on your way to "succeeding" with KAP and not just experimenting! The rest will come with enough time and practice. Which isn't too hard when the bug bites you to keep KAPping! :o)
irelandseye PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by irelandseye (member) 11 years ago
You are being too kind Weaving Major! That was one of a very few shots that seemed reasonably in focus and most had quite severe motion blur.
My first shot ever taken just over a month ago was only about 20 feet off the ground. I was using a Pentax Optio S suspended from the kite inside a large coffee can for protection.
The Boreen, from above
The kite went up easily to a good height even though the wind was not great - but without the camera. I had attached a split ring to the chord about 20 feet down from the kite and planned to haul the camera up with another chord. Because the wind was not strong it tended to pull the kite down instead. Nevertheless the camera went up about 20 feet before taking the shot. One shot only using the 10 second delay!
The grey diagonal across the middle of the shot is a dry stone wall from directly above with a bit of a cattle field on one side and the road on the other. The road was drying our after a shower hence the dry white lines and the wet grey. The curve on the left is the inside of the can.
Here is the same boreen on another occasion.
The Boreen, Ballinrobe
BTW Boreen is from the Irish for 'small road' = lane. The stone wall in the KAP shot is in the middle of the picture on the left hand side of the lane.
Mike Z PRO 11 years ago
Hey, Irelandseye. I am a novice at this, too. I have taken a few shots like your second one in your last post, although without the nice composition. Should we start a thread for aerial photos where the aerial part is eye-level or lower?

irelandseye PRO 11 years ago

I'd say yes except that I'd have nothing to post :-)
I have few enough KAP shots and none that show the same spot from 'eye level' apart from the one above. That was just by chance I had just bought a polarising filter and was trying it out. Thus the blue sky and the saturated colours.

weavingmajor 11 years ago
yes, Mike, start that thread! There's quite a few out there, some from only a few inches off the ground... and some of them are even good, like Simon H's Tonka vehicles. :o)

John, a hundred failures shouldn't disqualify even a partial success, or we'd all have given up long ago. The easiest secret to keep is how many blurry or mis-aimed shots you discarded in the quest for a good one. And with digital even your pocketbook won't know the difference!
irelandseye PRO 11 years ago
I am afraid my 'kit' is not up to much. I don't have a timer - just set the camera to take infinite shots as long as the shutter is held down. I hold it open with an elastic band and a nut. I use a 512 card and I can get about 10 mins of shots. Still experimenting.
Tom N. 11 years ago
I love it, keep experimenting, you're onto something.
kyteman PRO 11 years ago
Hey, guys -- it's good, but way off the self-portrait topic here. Post rig stuff -- even basic rig stuff -- to a rig discussion, available in the long list of discussions for this group.
BradChristensen PRO 11 years ago
Smile. I think?
Self Portrait
Dunehaven Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Dunehaven (member) 9 years ago
I thought my "Auto-Panorama" feature wasn't working (turns out it was), so I was walking it down to inspect it as it was still firing off pictures. That's Pat holding the winder.

aerialcam_01 11 years ago
Hi All,

my first post here, and I'm looking forward to getting stuck in - just in the middle of building my proper KAP kit - this image was taken with a phone camera (always use the office issued phone), taped to the frame of a Delta Stunt kite... (you should see an earlier video, when the tape didn't hold) =/


Pb kite
Pierre Lesage PRO 11 years ago
Self portrait of Heidy and myself
KAP RANGIROA - Tuamotu archipelago - Tiputa pass - Jul 02, 2006
Back in business now my replacement camera has been sorted.
AutoKAP setting up
TheYoungsOnline PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by TheYoungsOnline (member) 11 years ago
Here's one of me. I just started KAP and am enjoying every minute. I can't stop looking at flags trying to figure out the Beaufort rating...

Gerrit Bart PRO 11 years ago

What can I say, looks like I am having fun.
4510waza PRO 10 years ago
I who runs
Kite photo"I who runs"  低空撮影"走れ!間に合うかも!"
KAPPIX - Ramon Posted 10 years ago. Edited by KAPPIX - Ramon (member) 10 years ago
Somewhere in September 2006. One of the very first KAPPIX shots ever, at the IJsselmeer. Me at the left, my son Thomas, the living statue (eating a banana) at the right.


Or this one. Taken a few weeks later, more experienced (gloves!) and with another living statue:

Pitprops PRO 10 years ago
From my first (successful) KAP outing about a year ago, at a local kite club meeting. I'm th eone holding the R/C transmitter.

Yours truly
rpriegu PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by rpriegu (member) 9 years ago
Here we are... Daniel on the left holding the kite line and myself (Ramiro) on the right.

New Portrait (part of the WWKW 2008

Kaper -autoretrato-

MNkiteman PRO 10 years ago
This is the best I can do for now.

Self Portrait
John Quirk 10 years ago
Self Portrait
Me- an admirer & his dog; also my wife & daughter in the background.
j y r k i 10 years ago

This is the first and so far the only photo I have posted to Flickr. That's me in the photo. The kite suffered a little accident after this. The kite is now fixed and the camera is ok, just waiting for the right weather and some free time.
bruceoldnb 10 years ago
Bassoon Man Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Bassoon Man (member) 10 years ago
Self Portrait

Greetings everyone. As I'm new to Flickr, I'm not sure if I'm posting my self-portrait the proper way (please let me know if I've done it incorrectly).

Anyway, here's a pic from my first (successful) KAP experience that was taken yesterday.


Flickr Dave PRO 10 years ago
You're up to speed in record time, Jeff. That worked perfectly.
dprite1 10 years ago

Hi all,
I’m generally a silent member but an avid KAPer. Just shot this yesterday, I’m in the lower left, on the wooden walkway. My friend/kite flyer Quentin is on the right flying my kite. We work as a team. His sister can be seen flying my smaller floform near the top of the picture.
sleepychinchilla 9 years ago
KAP - Maiden Voyage - Lift Off...
Hi - First (and very nervous) attempt at KAP. Looking forward to the next windy weekend.
scottdunn 9 years ago
Hello from NYC!


View Map
Oddvin Lund PRO 9 years ago
Wind Watcher PRO 9 years ago
View from the top - self portrait


Watching the wind - Avalon, NJ - Summer 2007
RocKiteman 9 years ago
Me @ the Bodie Island lighthouse in the North Carolina, USA, Outer Banks. The lighthouse itself is a few dozen yards [meters] behind the camera in this photo. {Photo taken 17 June 2007 / Sunday.}
Bodie Island Lighthouse KAP -- 17 JUN 2007 SUN -- #018
opuspicavet 9 years ago
This is Sue the kap rig was faster than me! Apeldoorn 2007 Sue
opuspicavet 9 years ago
Eric sometimes likes to take it easy Eric + banner@ Hardelot
Cape Elizabeth self portrait
Jordan Lake self portrait
Here I am on my first KAP outing, just moments after launching the rig.

See more of my KAP photos
vertigo_111 PRO 9 years ago

I am on the green side !
dictybloke Posted 9 years ago. Edited by dictybloke (member) 9 years ago

This should have been a splendid waterfall picture but the turbulence was frightful...

The brothers dicty

Here's another you might enjoy - the appreciative audience. Why do they remind me of medical students?

Appreciative audience
timonoko Posted 9 years ago. Edited by timonoko (member) 9 years ago
Not self portraits, but portraits of the self, taken by total strangers.
Last one is especially funny action shot. Could not get the kite aloft and went elsewhere on that day:
Vespa_Super_G 9 years ago
Thunder Cove PEI

I was walking down the beach and I found a nice quiet spot. I had no idea what the local kids had been up to the day before ...
Carla W. Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Carla W. (member) 9 years ago
A rare self portrait of Tom and I during a KAP Session:
On the Bridge
fotoflyer 9 years ago
One of my first ever KAP sessions, with my son manning the kite. As of this posting I am a complete novice at both kite flying and KAP, but having a lot of fun getting started.

Self portrait
shayes73 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by shayes73 (member) 9 years ago
Here are a few taken this weekend



KAPThorsten [deleted] 9 years ago
well, that's me and my accomplice, well guarded by the Holy Mary..

Mattia Pelli 9 years ago
Hello, i'm Mattia and i'm italian. I love KAP and I invented a low cost method to take pictures from the air called "ventina", where all'the stuff is moved by a propeller. I love simple solutions and the pictures randomly taken. It's like fishing in the air...

ormes PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by ormes (member) 9 years ago
Pascal & Catherine on the beach in Cayeux (france). First is to keep cool (and on the tracks)!
Pi-314 9 years ago
Hello to everyone

My name is Juan. I live in Galicia, Spain. I love kites (traccion, acrobatic etc etc) of course KAP

this is me in action KAP ;) ;)
KAP en Pedroselo 19-05-08

and this is my site Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/34282535@N00/

Sorry for my English :( :(

Hi everyone,

Here is me on the right, next to an old Second World War Building in the Orkney Islands where I live.
Stanger Head Flotta, Orkney Islands
r o s e n d a h l 9 years ago
My first KAP flight today! Excited to be a part of this now after lurking for awhile. Taken at Bayfront Park in Palo Alto, California.

First KAP Flight!
Tom D PRO 9 years ago
From my first KAP outing.

Vent's Nick Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Vent's Nick (member) 9 years ago
Here is my self portrait:
Jean-Luc Vansnickt>
KAP galleries
Michael Layefsky PRO 9 years ago
Here I am on the world record setting Kids' Chalk Art Project:
Self-portrait, or how many kite aerial photographers can fit on the head of a salamander?
RocKiteman 9 years ago
One more of me. Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, USA. July 2008.


This photo was taken by my KAP rig.
burtskitecam PRO 9 years ago
that battery is in the wrong way round ;)
RocKiteman 9 years ago
Burt: The battery is right... My HEAD is wrong.

Daniel Weeks PRO 9 years ago
The Shadow knows!

Kite Aerial Photography self-portrait
Chris Moody Kite Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Chris Moody Kite (member) 9 years ago

My first KAP flight, assistant Joshua at my side and below.

Sam Hale 9 years ago
_0001_0001 by Sam Hale
Niklas Olsson 9 years ago
Im new to this. Here is the first time I use the camera suspended from the line, no gloves, no winder. Im even using the box from Kapshop for my stuff.

Ningaloo. PRO 9 years ago
Finally, I am in the game......with a lot of help from Lenny and advice from Peter B, Brooks, and others from the KAP forum. Cheers everyone
Playing with the wind 9 years ago

This is me trying to flying in almost zero wind.
michael_99 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by michael_99 (member) 9 years ago

Pictures taken during WW Kap Week
Shorncliffe, Brisbane Australia
KAPturer 9 years ago
I call this pic 'one man and his toys'.

One man and his toys

The car is my 1976 Triumph Spitfire 1500 in original, seventies-tastic Java Green.
Desert Hiker Gal PRO 9 years ago
Self portrait

First attempt and I am loving it!!
rjoe_brandon 9 years ago
Trying some night shots at Alum Creek State Park, Ohio on the dam at the southern end.

Night KAP with flash Alum Creek State Park dam
Ningaloo. PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Ningaloo. (admin) 9 years ago
In the green t-shirt.....
KAP, 2008 Sark to Jersey rowing race
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