angryrobot 6:49pm, 20 March 2008
Ok, how do I get my kitchn cure pictures uploaded to this group? I feel like I am missing something totally obvious....
STLcolleen Posted 8 years ago. Edited by STLcolleen (member) 8 years ago
When you are viewing one of your pictures there is a button above it that says "add to group". When you click on it, it'll list all the groups you are member of - just choose which one and it will appear in the group pool!
angryrobot 8 years ago
bohemianbeauty7 8 years ago
I'm having the same problem and I don't see the "add to group" button. What's up? :)
STLcolleen 8 years ago
Let's see....actually it says "send to group" and it's the second button above the picture. Make sure that you are signed in, too. Hope that helped! :)
burrda2000 8 years ago
You only see that button when you are looking at a single photo. Then you are given lots of options. Hope this helps.
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