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  • Alert: Flickr paedophiles

    Hi folks! Not wanting to scare anyone but I thought since this group's photos...

    Kjungs85 months ago4 replies

  • Half kimchi and half ? Can you guess?

    Hi! I'm new here and at Kimchi Mamas. Nice to connect with other kimchi mommie...

    dolcepics85 months ago1 replies

  • New from Boston

    Hello all, I'd like to introduce Katie. Katie is half Korean (from Mama) and ...

    adventurous bushesages ago0 replies

  • New to site with my new baby girl!

    Hi everyone, my name is Jennie Choi and I'd like to introduce my daughter to y...

    jennie.choiages ago1 replies

  • New from NY to Houston TX

    Eunice is Quarter Korean and Caucasian. =) I got two more kids but I'll post tha...

    kenzo_qiages ago0 replies

  • I'm new too!

    Hi I'm new too. Thought I'd share a few pictures of my son. He's half Czech and ...

    aquakitty_2000ages ago0 replies

  • Hi, yet another newbie

    Stumbled on this site. Love reading Kimchi Mamas. DH is caucasian and I'm Kore...

    natenmorganages ago0 replies

  • Newbie

    Hello all! Just wanted to post photos of my little mama. She's only a 1/4 ... ...

    MrsVeezyages ago0 replies

  • Did I produce this child by myself?

    Hi everyone! My whitey husband and my korean-self produced our first child on 1...

    heididokkoages ago7 replies

  • Check him out now

    Ok folks, check him out now - 6 months later, what do you think? looking more H...

    heididokkoages ago1 replies

  • Another Newbie saying hi!

    I'm Kate, new reader of Kimchi Mamas. I LOVE it! I've added pictures of my 2 Hap...

    {Kate C.}ages ago0 replies

  • Hello

    Just wanted to say hello. Found this group from Kimchi Mamas, which I just foun...

    nonchalant ducksages ago0 replies

  • flooding the pool

    Hi ~ I stumbled upon this group by accident, but what a great idea. I'm a white ...

    Dave Mc Nallyages ago0 replies

  • Newbie saying hi

    Lesbontemps introduced me to this group, and I just wanted to say "hi." I'm Lor...

    even maskages ago0 replies

  • Buying hanboks in the SF Bay Area?

    Anyone know a good place, preferably in the Sunnyvale/Santa Clara area?

    changguangages ago1 replies

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