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moufle 11:13pm, 11 May 2005
there's a fascinating string on FlickrCentral about the possible dangers of putting photos of minors online. see


(scroll down a bit; the thread initially discusses worrisome viewing of adult nudes on Flickr but halfway down raises the issue of photos of kids.)

has this group addressed that? I have put up several (and love doing so) but am concerned that perhaps I'm doing something unwise
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eτi 11 years ago
In this group we have always encouraged people to post links to other people's photostreams - we're linking to stuff that's public, anyway. If the person "pointed to" appears to be harmless, people will say so. If they are not, we are warned. If we're not allowed to discuss this, the result is exactly what you don't want - a pitchforking mentality.

In Flickr Central I was basically lynched just for starting a discussion which I apparently shouldn't have started. I don't want the same thing to happen here.

So I'm with everybody as well - I like
Flickr without the pitchforks, too. People who start a discussion should not be pitchforked.
eτi Posted 11 years ago. Edited by eτi (moderator) 11 years ago
fd, I really want to avoid abuse and harrassment. I'm in a funny position - I don't like people who tell each other off. But when I say so, I'm obviously doing the same.

I could have said nothing but well - I'm moderator here...
Ben McLeod PRO 11 years ago
justynrebecca Posted 11 years ago. Edited by justynrebecca (member) 11 years ago
Alright so I have a barebummed pic of my one year old among my photos. Why - he is a baby. Naked babies are cute. I have a picture of me nursing - why? The feeding of a baby is a lovely and fleeting experience that I want captured. In the summer my little ones run around and play in the hose -why? because they are CHILDREN and my job is to protect my children from losing their childhood!

Is it disgusting to me that my child’s images, or that of any child, should be used in away that is not in accord with their innocence as children? You bet. Does it hurt my children personally? no.

So I will go on posting my children’s pictures - because they are lovely human beings and the world can always use more loveliness and I will block users if and when I am offended by them. I will challenge them, report them or take any other action that I feel is necessary. I will continue to post pictures of my children. They are beautiful amazing people. I will continue to allow them to play and enjoy themselves, without covering their faces or wearing pettycoats to their ankles.

I will watch them. closely. And I will educate them. I will make certain they are strong, capable and self aware. I will protect them with my life but I will not grasp a the shadows of evil when I could be in the light with my children.

eτi 11 years ago
Justynrebecca, you have put more eloquently than I could ever put it what I have tried to say throughout this thread.

I am hoping to raise my kids (don't have them yet - twins due in july) with the same thoughts in mind.
FlyButtafly PRO 11 years ago
*clap clap clap*

Well said Justyn.
muddylemon 11 years ago
thanks for that list up there - i noticed today that one picture of my son had been viewed a couple thousand times - it's a bit of a red flag for me, so i did a google search on the url, found this discussion.
Will just marking the photo as private keep people from seeing it? Or do i have to delete them entirely?
The picture in question was of my son in the bathtub, with bubbles obscuring anything in particular. I noticed that all pictures like that had very high views, so tonight i'm going thru and marking them all private.
A couple months ago, i had posted this cute picture of him sitting on his potty with a newspaper - you couldn't see anything private, but in one day it had more views than all my other pictures combined, so i removed it that day.
grr... sickos.
eτi 11 years ago
If people bookmarked the static url they will still be able to see it if you mark it private.

If you don't feel comfortable posting them, you should hide them of course. But I don't think there's any real danger - read what Justyn says a couple lines up.
FlyButtafly PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by FlyButtafly (member) 11 years ago
You might want to check out this person: www.flickr.com/people/mikesfeet/
He faved a photo of my youngest daughter's feet - turns out he's got a serious foot fetish (according to his faves.) That in and of itself may not be cause for alarm (though imo very weird... and I just preferred my baby girl's feet not be in there) but I checked out his profile, and the only other group he belongs to (besides the myriad of feet groups) is "Cocks" (and I don't mean the rooster.)

May or may not be anything to you, but it just felt creepy to me; so thought I'd share the info.
BeccaG PRO 11 years ago
Is there an up-to-date list of flickr images linked on that site?
Lanele [deleted] 11 years ago
I permanently load pictures of my son, I would, however, never provide a picture online with this he holds his penis or just urinates.
It is difficult to understand for me why one shares intimacies with strange people, such.
Perhaps one should think about it, too.
An adult can decide, where his shame borders lies, the child simply merely is supplied online himself. I would like to sentence for certain for nobody because everybody must know himself what he would like to share with foreign. Are we really surprised if pictures of naked children can be used also negatively?
Lanele [deleted] 11 years ago
@FlyButtyfly, I blocked him! I would not like that, the feet of my little son activate its imagination either!
bryan lowe 11 years ago
Now Im pissed. Sorry about the language but I noticed that my two photos which are in my opinion innocuous and of my nephew are on that site littleboysrule.com which khayes (Kristin) posted the list of flickr users on the site earlier in this thread. (thanks for letting me know)

I feel like throttling someone (preferably someone from that site) Currently it appears offline. I am not happy!!!
Tin Green [deleted] 11 years ago
The set of my son has suddenly been viewed so often that I think it has been linked to something like littleboysrule. Anyone an idea how I can find this out?? I don't want these bastards to win, but I'm really thinking of putting everything private... why do this people have to spoil everything?
effigy 10 years ago
FYI there is now a sister site to "littleboyrules" called "littlegirlsrule"
and yes there are flickr members linked there
rmetts [deleted] 10 years ago
I read through about a page of the messages here, and one thing disturbed me a little. (ok something that doesn't "seem" to bother everyone.

Just because someone favorites mostly pictures of kids.. (I'm assuming cute pics, not just "naked" or whatever) Why does that make them a perv? I'm a very happily married man...trying to adopt a child. I don't consider myself "perverted" and certainly not a pedophile, but I have always, enjoyed looking at peoples family pictures.. that's what drew me to flickr and other such sites. I could go into a total strangers house and flip through photo albums for hours, not knowing a soul in them. I especially love the cute pics of kids being kids. Not having to put on a front like most adults seem to do. Not sure what it is.. it's certainly not sexual.

Most of my favs are of younger girls. It's nothing sexual...it's just the pictures that are my favorites. I don't feel attracted to them. At least not sexually.

So please don' t judge a book by it's cover... (I've checked some of the people you guys listed and I think your hunch is 100%. But at the same time I wonder how many people say the same about me based on my favs?

Anyway.. off the soapbox.

Tin Green [deleted] 10 years ago
This flickrmail I received today from t3wizard:

begin of mail:

Hi Tin,

I Was browsing your photostream when I couldn't help
but notice a subliminal sexual emphasis on your daughter,
for example: You have a picture of her urinating, or being
engaged in some action as a result of her Urinating, and as
the tags for this lascivious image you have keywords that
include the following:


It seems you like using your daughter as a sex object, at least
on Flickr. Do you disagree with me? I Can't see how, Tin, afterall,
the above tags, notable: (peeing, naked, nude) seem like tags that
would be applied to a soft core pornography image, is that what you
consider such an image as? Or as stated above, did you just think,
in your modestly pathetic sick little hypocritical mind that you could
be satisfied with accepting that men all over the globe would be masturbating
to your daughter being flown in the air naked, at the benefit of your photostream
receiving more hits? Yet you question my ethics because i request nude
images of your four-year-old daughter, pfft.

Aw, this means your such a sick little motherfucker, shame on you.

On the other hand, as an individual with a sexual fetish in seeing girls
peeing, and an authentic lover of Mara, i appreciate your work. Pity you never actually got an image of her vagina peeing literally : - )

( Let me guess, you will make the images of Mara private after reading
this, right? How unfortunate, everyone needs to enjoy her(Who hasn't already
saved them : ) )

- Ta Ta.
- And all the best!

end of mail

He also sent me mails at a former emailaddress which I changed because of his stalking. It's clear he is frustrated because of the fact that I didn't react on his mails anymore and I stopped using that emailaddress, but as a final reaction, my answer (if I would have emailed him):

Dear T3wizard ,

Nude is nude, naked is naked, peeing is peeing, we all are nude under our clothes, we all pee.. yes? If you look at the photo you can see that Mara's trousers are on her ankles and her legs are naked. If you make the connection with sex, well be my guest.

Glad you enjoy the photos, always nice to have fans! I'm happy that my photos also serve a social cause, to keep you from the street, sadly masturbating behind the computer screen. As long as we keep you inside, the kids in your neigbourhood are safe.. well at least for the time being.

eτi 10 years ago
I love your reply, Tin.

That man is a very sad little man who thinks he can belittle you with his "pffft" remarks.

He's the kind of paedophile that will never actually harm our children because our pictures keep him off the street, indeed!
Tin Green [deleted] 10 years ago
The fact that this paedhophile comes out in the open is probably because he wants to anger people, wants to scare people, it's a cry for attention and sadly with internet they found the instrument to get the attention. But he needs professional help ofcourse. Preferable a professionial like a butcher...
eτi 10 years ago
There's 2 guys in my neighborhood i'd love to send his way:

Paardenslagerij W. van Beek Amigos Mediterranainsemarkt

i understand he's not the harmless kind that will shut up and hide himself. i hope there's something you can do about him. something that hurts him badly would be nice.
Hi Tin,I do agree with you that you can't let these sick people scare you,but just out of interest I said I'd have a look at the photo he was talking about. (very funny btw! :D) When I looked at it I seen that 16 people had faved it! I took the time to look through the people who had faved it & out of the 16 there are at least 6 that I would block straight away if I was in your shoes. There is one of them in particular that has no public photos, no public groups, no contacts & the only public faves were the 2 of Mara! Personally that would worry me.
TwelveX Posted 10 years ago. Edited by TwelveX (member) 10 years ago
I joined this group because I was planning to upload photos of my kids... After reading through this thread, I'm still thinking about it. However, while reading this, I decided to see how easy it would be to find my address. Since I'm an active member of another forum in which the culture encourages people to use their full name, and email, my name is on the internet. I have a personal website on that topic that I had linked to from that site as well as my flickr profile (now removed). Connecting the dots... you have my name, some of the places I've lived/visited, and potentially pictures of my kids. So, I googled my name and flickr profile city ("first last" Dallas) and within three clicks found a website that lists my name, my wifes name, my father, mother and brothers names, as well as the last FOUR cities I've lived in. They will sell you, for $39.95 a "Comprehensive Background Report" that includes "age, possible current address, up to 20 year address history, phone numbers, bankruptcies, tax liens & judgments, property ownership, possible relatives, possible roommates, aliases / maiden names, neighbors, marriages and divorces, dea registrants, and website ownership". Without paying for it, you could still find my exact address by googling the suburb, and my name.

My point is: if someone "likes" the pictures of your kids, and wants to find them, any connection between those photos and your name/place (especially if it's fairly unique), would make it easy to locate them (Much easier than some earlier in the thread seem to think). Even if the name was your maiden name, or the town was four moves ago.

So, posting pics of your kids is great in this semi-controlled environment of mostly moral, upstanding, friendly people, but in order to protect your kids from those who don't fit that criteria:

1. Don't disclose* your last name, or your first if it is fairly unique
2. Don't disclose your town if it's small (How many Albert E.'s could there be in Wamsutter WY, population 261)
3. Don't disclose your personal email if it's traceable to a location (People can easily get a hold of you through Flickrmail if they want to discuss your pictures, and you're still anonymous.)
4. Don't link your flickr, or other photo accounts, to forums, blogs, or other websites where you have disclosed that information.
5. DO Google your name and places you've lived to see just how easy it is to find.

* Disclosure could be in text, or in pictures that show park names, identifiable buildings, license plates, shirts with the kids name on it, etc.

My mom was very paranoid about us as kids, and she had reason to be because of her personal experience. As a result, we never had sleep overs, or stayed the night at anyone else's house, or even stayed more than a few hours without one of our parents. And if people stayed with us, they were in the guest bedroom at the opposite end of the house from my parents and our rooms. I put this here because it seems some of us take it for granted that this won't happen, but if/when it does, it will change you, and your kids lives FOREVER.

Unapologetically from My Soapbox,
Phil (Not particularly unique :)

(Edited to clarify point 3.)
eτi 10 years ago
Phil, don't post what you don't feel comfortable with posting - I'm sure everybody could find my place within hours if not minutes but I'm not bothered by it myself.
TwelveX,I don't know where to start! Firstly I have to start with your last paragraph. I was never left with anyone other then my brother or my parents for more then an hour, I never had sleep overs at other peoples houses or had anyone else to sleep over. My assault went on for 3 years,so theres that theory busted!!! So don't feel that if you have your kids constantly wrapped in cotton wool that they are going to be safe, it doesn't work like that. If a sicko wants to get at kids they are going to do it one way or the other!

Secondly I have googled both my name & my last 5 addresses & nothing has come up! (Other then there is an actress in the States with the same name as me! :D)
TwelveX Posted 10 years ago. Edited by TwelveX (member) 10 years ago

My moms abuse was from a family member, and while I admit people close to home are the most likely, anything we can do to reduce the odds is worth the effort.

Since you're not from the US, you may not have heard of the recent program "Dateline: To Catch a Predator", but basically Dateline and local law enforcement set up a house and a person posing as a 13 or 14 year old boy or girl in online chat groups. Eventually the men in these chat groups would get the location of this house from the decoy, and would show up at the door, where the shows host would interview them, and on the way out the door the police would arrest them for soliciting a minor. This didn't happen just once, but 20 or so times at any given location. To me, that's scary. I think it shows that the internet has increased the ability, if not the number, of pedophiles.

There's so much more I could say here, but I need to go...

Has anyone else found personal info in places they didn't expect?

senza_filtri 10 years ago
Twelwe X, why do you think it's dangerous to link your flickr page FROM your blog or other sites where you disclosed some piece of personal information? I'd thought it would be worse otherwise...
TwelveX 10 years ago
Hi SF,

The premise of this thread seemed to be that someone with bad intentions could become interested in your kid because of the pictures you post here, and try to find your kid through information that you post. I do not know what the probability of this is, but it seems like a valid concern. The only way I could see to prevent this is to keep the photos completely anonymous. "Bad" people lead lives like the rest of us, and can come and go on the internet just the same. So linking TO or FROM personal information has about the same results. The harder it is to get or act on that information the less likely it will happen.

Hope that makes sense.


P.S. Here's one of my little guys making some mischief of his own:
senza_filtri 10 years ago
I think it depends on how omount of your personal information you put on the web and how easily it can be linked... For example one could have pieces of professional information along with full names, addresses and telephone numbers, but nobody could tell his/her age or family status... have family photoes on flickr but (if one's careful enough) nobody could guess where one exactly lives... partecipate to lists, groups and meetings about other interests of his/hers... The idea is to keep these pieces of information separate, so nobody could possibly stalk you home to kidnap your kids... by the way, is it so easy? I mean, let's say I have the intention to steal a motorbike and I see a big huge motorbike on flickr... the owner says he has a motorbike shop in Hannover and I'm able to track him down to his home address... ok, but if I live in Australia, what am I to do? He should rather be worried when parking outside his garage...
I would call it motivation versus opportunity.
Of course beeing anonymous or using fake names and locations (be careful when geocoding and never leave much of information when asked in other flickr groups!) is a good idea, but at the moment, my main concern is to have my innocent pictures linked to creepy sites...
TwelveX 10 years ago

This is pretty much the way I see it too. Although, risking something I own is much less of a concern to me than my childrens safety. With the sheer number of registered sex offenders in my area, and who knows how many unregistered, I'm going to do everything I can to protect my kids.

As far as what people do while viewing my pictures, it's between them and thier God.

I assume that once a photo is posted it's pretty much out of my control. I could sue a site that steals the picture, but I can't really do much about links.
senza_filtri 10 years ago
Is there a way to know if a picture which is getting far too many views for what is worth has been linked somewhere?
while I can understand the point of view of those worried about this ,I think it also is about the kind of photos of children that get posted. I never post photos of children that may be seen as provocative. I do not tag my photos so it makes the chance of them coming up in a search under "child, girl children etc” just a tad less likely.

I do feel it would be sad not to see some of the beautiful children’s photos on flickr or for that matter on the net in general. I was going to make them private at some stage but I don’t see why I should be dictated to by a minority. Many paedophiles really are not looking for the kind of shots on flickR, I have seen the kind of child porn that they look at and its sick and I would not compare it to the artistic talent on photography forums. In addition, I check what I have had blogged and who favours my photos, if they look in any way devious I would block them and make any photo they favored private. So far I’ve had no problem in that area. I was more worried about my photos being stolen than perverts.

the bottom line is dont post photos of naked children
Bizzy Girl 10 years ago
Here is my bottom line:

I am not on Flickr to show the world how cute my naked kids look. I am just here because I'm an avid amateur photographer who wants to share her work with whomever wants to enjoy it. We all have different objectives and ideas of what we should be showcasing on our sites. If you don't want sick perverts faving/stealing your pics of little Jimmy fully and frontally naked just out of the tub, either don't post it, or mark it private.

There was some discussion earlier today in this thread about how some of the things that are being uploaded to Flickr are just honey for the pedophile bees. Add some enticing tags such as child, boy, nude, bum, and you're silly to think that it isn't going to draw some negative attention. I rarely, if ever, use tags at all for my kids' pics, and I certainly don't add licenses to them.

I don't think any of us are naive enough to think that we can control what people do with online content like our photostreams, and I'm not saying we should be neurotic about it either. However if I see that an anonymous user with no photos of their own and nothing but a storehouse of faves of naked kids is faving my pics, I report them to Flickr and/or block them immediately.
ela_jo2005 / Georgina PRO 10 years ago
This is obvisouly a really difficult subject, personnally I just think you should post what you're happy with, I'm sure there are as many perverts who prefer particular clothes & colours on children as there are perverts who like to look at them naked.
marcopperman Posted 10 years ago. Edited by marcopperman (member) 10 years ago
This user looks like a collector to me, one of those with no profile and no photos of their own, but hundreds of kids fav'd. (And a random photo mentioning masturbation thrown in... )


I'm blocking that user, but it'd be funny if anyone so inclined sent them an email saying "Hello... nice collection of kids ya got there... we all noticed."

See how long it takes them to delete their account.

I've had a few of these before, and the second I send them mail, they delete themselves. Always nice and suspicious.
Ben McLeod PRO 10 years ago
I just wish this thread would die.
Well Ben personally I don't want this thread to die! I prefer to know who these people are so I can avoid them!
Thanks Anole for your vigilance!
clementcooper [deleted] 10 years ago
After reading all of this stuff, I'm never going to take a photograph of or even look at another child again!
eτi 10 years ago
Anole, exactly that is the kind of 'collector' I don't mind. I do mind when they collect naked pictures or have all sorts of sex stuff, too. (well you mention a masturbation picture but I didn't see it..)
If people only collect decent, public pictures, I don't see them as a threat at all.
Digital260 [deleted] 10 years ago
Remember that Flicker also has this written into their Community Guidelines:

"Other People (their content, their behavior)

You will see all sorts of things on Flickr, some of which may offend you. If you are offended by a photo you can either click away from the photo or you can flag it as "offensive" by clicking on the "May offend" link next to every photo. If you think there's immediate cause for concern, you can report content and/or someone's behavior to Flickr Staff."

marcopperman Posted 10 years ago. Edited by marcopperman (member) 10 years ago
Fascinating. The guy in question deleted his account.


If you were innocently favoriting children and young adult pictures, why would you delete your account? All I did was mail him to point out that an account with no photos and no profile -- but hundreds of children's photos fav'd -- looks suspicious to the community.
eτi 10 years ago
That means you were probably right, then.
shotee 10 years ago
This is really disturbing....I like posting children's photos...be it my own or my friend's. But because of the danger on the net, now I am having second thoughts. I would think that a group with the word "children" or "family" on it would be wholesome. Wholesome ok...but other people feed their imaginations from it. It is so darn DISGUSTING!
Adamcha PRO 10 years ago

I don't understand why people would do that in the first place. All that they are doing is drawing attention to themselves from concerned members here. It is like painting a big bullseye on their back.
nudistornaked 10 years ago
Guys it's less dangerous than in real life : sincerely i see a perversion in consideering nudity as porn for adult and for minors , nudity is first human condition , at this answer "danger of posting photos of children online?" i make you an answer : " danger of your children in school ?"
or " danger to driver a car ?" , or better " danger of censorship because people have afraid ?" ....yes people the danger is in everything !
For avoid any danger you must educate your children and don't leave alone your children when they navigate on internet !
eτi 10 years ago
Nudistornaked, I agree with your point of view but I don't understand why you make an anonymous account with a ridiculous name in order to post this.

And I'm not entirely happy with your fixation wth nudity, either.
nudistornaked 10 years ago
you don't need understand my point of view for making accounts ! :D :D
I think the point that Eric was trying to make was if you believed so much in what you were saying why didn't you use your existing account instead of creating a bogus account to make a statement!
eτi 10 years ago
Ben McLeod PRO 10 years ago
And I'm not entirely happy with your fixation wth nudity, either.

How is that ANY of your business?

And Michelle, you'll never know who all "these people" are, so why waste your time?

You should be more concerned with protecting your children IRL. There are all sorts of weirdos in real life - all around you - and they are the ones that can actually hurt you.

The freaks on the web that get their jollies off of looking at little kids, or womens' feet (or whatever their freaky pervesion may be) are really only harmful to themselves.
Galway Nutter (Michelle) Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Galway Nutter (Michelle) (member) 10 years ago
Ben if you believe that you are mistaken. I protect my child in real life,but what has got me scared is a notice from one of my contacts who actually got a call from someone on her house phone telling her how easy it is to trace someone! So to make out that these sickos on the net can't hurt me,you're wrong!
I also know I will never know who all these people are,but at least if I keep getting their accounts deleted they might get pissed off & go some where else to get their gollies!
Plus Eric is allowed to have an opinion on how he feels about nudistsornakeds fixation on nudity! Isn't that what freedom of speech is all about?
Ben McLeod PRO 10 years ago
I also know I will never know who all these people are, but at least if I keep getting their accounts deleted they might get pissed off...
and show you how easy it is to trace someone?

I agree with you. It would be easy enough for someone to track me (and my family) down if they wanted. However, 99% of them are too lazy to do so (and simply jerk off in the privacy of their own home).

I also agree with you that Eric has the right to his opinion.... so I guess he has the right to get all righteous with it too.
Self Deleted [deleted] 10 years ago
I have a photostream for the general public, one for friends and one for family. All they are is levels of trust that has evolved over time with members. No one sees any more than I want them to see, and anyone who favs a photo or adds me as a contact gets reviewed and either added or blocked.
I also keep personal info personal. Someone brousing my pics does not have to know where I live or my sons name. That comes from developing a relationship with a member and has no use in the public domain.
As a second line of defense I have a private group where we have an ongoing discussion of questionable flickr members. The list is updated frequently, and members have the right to do with the info what they want. Most of my membership has come from making photographers or members of a questionable members favs aware.
I seem to be the only one that realizes that members only see what you let them, and unless you photograph your child nude holding a piece of mail with you address on it and keep your profile to a minimum, there is very little if any danger.
All you have to do is play safe to be safe. My 2 cents worth.
it is not really easy to track someone down through pictures, and not very ...well the best way to get a victim, if you will. why would someone spend time and money looking at pictures, and taking information out of them to find out where someone is when they could go to the local pool or amusement park and just get someone there?? now, posting private information online, like names and email addresses will obviously make it much much easier to track you down. so check your profile. not your pictures
FlyButtafly PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FlyButtafly (member) 10 years ago
it is not really easy to track someone down through pictures...

Then why would publications bother blocking out or blurring someone's face in a photo, in order to protect their identity? In the vast scheme of things it might not be easy for one person to latch on to a picture of someone else and use that alone to find someone, but if someone's photo is posted publicly all over the place, or at least somewhere that a lot of other people have access to, then the chances are extremely high that the person would be recognized by someone, eventually.

why would someone spend time and money looking at pictures, and taking information out of them to find out where someone is when they could go to the local pool or amusement park and just get someone there??

For the same reason people spend time and money on chat rooms to lure young children to meet them, perhaps?

People who think that what happens on the internet won't harm someone just because it's not hurting that particular person are sadly mistaken or just ignorant, IMO. I've said this before, but I'll say it again. Just because your child isn't being harmed by the person getting off on a cute pic of him/her, doesn't mean someone else's child won't be. These people aren't merely entities that exist in an online forum, they have real lives too. And most aren't content to just look forever. IMO parents need to do everything they can to protect their children. And there are people out there who will go to any lengths to find children who are vulnerable. The more information put out publicly, the higher the chance that someone will find it and exploit it.

[edited to replace a missing "i"]
the difference though, is that the pervs that lure kids online to meet them offline are older, and have some sort of way ot get to the meeting place, while most of the kids on here are younger. i completely agree parents have a responsibility to protect their kids, and each parent needs to do what they feel necessary to protect their kids. and the kids behind the computer screen, imo are the safe ones, cause there is no way to get to them. the kids that people can meet on the street are in the real dangers, as well as teens online. it's still not reasonable to expect kids to be found through a picture though, nor would a pedophile, who wants kids, waste his time tracking one down through pictures. i know if i wanted to find a date online, i wouldnt look at pictures of people on flickr and track them down, i'd go out around town, or get on a dating site or something. the same logic applies to kids.
Oh, and the reason the peoples faces are blocked out would be if permission wasnt granted for the image to be posted, and yes for identification purposes, but they could only be identified by people that knew them already
grantthai PRO 10 years ago
I today received a warning on one of my pics from a fellow flickrie who wrote: "I thought you might want to see the other favorites of xxx, who favorited this photo, in case you want to block him".

I admire the time the person took to write to me and every other, presumably parent/s, of the several children that xxx had favourited. Obviously I was concerned and checked out xxx's profile and photos, but did not see anything of alarm. I therefore responded to our fellow flickrie as below. Let's be protective, but not over-reactive.

quote: Dear (fellow-flickrie), thanks for the warning and your concern. I checked out xxx's profile and his photos, and I have to caution about our over-reacting as loving and caring parents. It seems to me that since xxx has posted his own photos, posted his (supposed) real name - yyy zzz, and posted publicly an email address (which not many of us do, and I notice you similarly haven't) he is likely to be an individual who will be easy to trace, not a person of paedophilic tastes who'd take great steps to hide their identity, and is therefore possibly likely to be a genuine caring human individual, albeit youthful, who likes kids.

I also noticed him "signing" in his posted photographs; and his profile acknowledges that he has an impediment which is that he is hard of hearing. God forbid he has other impediments, perhaps mildly retarded and I hope not, but I presume he may simply be an innocent young man. Flickr is a great tool for sharing our passion for photography and our love of our kids, but that should not remove from ourselves our own responsibility in their protection.

In other words, we should not be posting images that we do not wish others to see, and especially not primarily nude images of our children . If we wish to share with family and friends - Flickr provides us with the means to do that privately. We should also take basic precautions - for example I try not to name my kids - I refer to "my son" or "my beautiful daughter", and so on.

Sincerely, I am grateful for your effort in writing to me and the other parents whose childrens' images have been favourited by xxx. I suggest, give him the benefit of the doubt - why not flickrmail him and ask about why he favourited your children? Get a dialogue going - if he is a naughty person you will certainly scare him off, the last thing he'd want is contact.

I leave it to you as to whether or not you write to our other flickries with my comments in response - I suggest try, they'll be grateful for (a hopefully respectful) different viewpoint from me and it may provoke interesting discussion - but with the best of intentions: the protection of our children.

I shan't block him - there is nothing in the photo of my child that concerns me that a third party also likes the image. unquote.
*NEWMAN* [deleted] 10 years ago
That's amazing... I never thought that the kids photos can create a such situation like all the commented here.
I'm new on the group, my intention is to share and to enjoy the most beautiful photos of our kids. I like to enjoy the images of kids like my kids, beautiful little girs photographed into beautiful natural or created backgrounds. The nudity is beautiful, but unfortunately there are many bad guys in the chase of that kind of photos (nude pics), by this, I never post any nude pic of any of my kids, In fact, I never take nude photos of my kids even when they looks so cute!.
witchycountry 10 years ago
Help! My ex's wife has posted pictures of my daughter on her myspace page without my permission. No her father can't give his permission for he has no rights to the child. What can i do to get those pictures taken off her site? They're available for all to view-not private at all. I can't contact them directly to tell them to take them off and i would honestly like to file charges for it. Help me please!
Well if you are the only true guardian of the child in question I'm sure a quick letter from a solicitor should do the trick! They have no right to post the photos,as far as I know. There is some sort of clause that covers her if the child is in a public place though from what I've been told!
witchycountry 10 years ago
I can't contact them directly-court ordered no contact between us- i have filed complaints with myspace.com, slide.com, fbi, wiredsafety.org, police and i don't know what else to do. Today she added more pictures and even posted them on his myspace page. They were suppose to be deleted (according to myspace) but they're still there. Slide is checking into it but its to the point after 31 hours of them being online i wish i could log into the accounts and delete them myself. I'm getting really aggrivated. My daughter is only 5 and she has even posted her full name, so anyone at this point can figure out where my daughter is and kidnap her now.
effigy 10 years ago
wow its been a while since i last logged on to look at any of the posts here. i see some good points and then a few overly paranoid people.

there are a few that i would have liked to address however they have seemed to die off, and frankly probably for the best.
feijoa22 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by feijoa22 (member) 10 years ago
I'm not sure where I'd draw the line. I've just posted an isolated picture of a friend's clothed, un-named child that was taken 11 years ago on the other side of the world - I'm sure that's fine, but ... not sure about situations closer to "the line".
lanemik 10 years ago
I've been working diligently at hounding littleboysrule.com. I am the one responsible for them getting kicked off their last web host. I am responsible for their archive not working. I am responsible for making sure all the SmugMug gallery owners I've come across are notified so they can choose to protect their galleries (I am a SmugMug user myself).

I will continue to hound them and I encourage every one of you to do the same. You'd be amazed how fast a web host will drop sites like these. Their last host said they found 6 different sites like this and sent me a list of all the entries that had anything to do with SmugMug. I emailed the host that was hosting their rules pdf, they dropped them the next day. I emailed the host for their archive and they took that off line within 2 days.

It's an uphill battle (and I know that it is too widespread to do much of anything about) but I feel like I made at least a little headway. We are not powerless. As long as we can find a way to inform parents that this type of thing is happening and how to protect themselves and their children we can make a difference.
Debbie C.B.'s PRO 10 years ago
dont tag ur photos u dont want to be looked at by possinle pervs
can help
pygmylover 10 years ago
i added a photo to this group recently which was a little girl dancing in the water in her underpants and vest. thing was last night it got favorited by someone i didn't know and when i checked him out he was a seriously dodgy character. all his favorite photos were suggestive photos of young girls (often naked). also when i looked at the groups he was involved in not only did it include this group but also ones on s&m and torture!!!! funnily enough since i've gone and blocked him and mentioned him in a couple of other groups he's disappeared but it does make you wonder maybe something needs to done about who has access to groups like these
You may have a point there. What do you think Admin. If the group is made private it might help. I know it's going to be a lot of work for you but I would be willing to help out if you wanted. It's up to you.
mysparetimedesign 10 years ago
Okay, i've just about had it with Flickr...from the unending spam i deal with every day to the creeps that have copied pictures of my children for their sleazy collections, to the lovely woman who sent me the rudest email i have had in a long time...it is leaving me to contemplate whether to stay on here or not....Any way, keep an eye out for these names - the two creeps i've dealt with, lonelyboy222, who was a month or so ago, and recently it wascutboi84....please watch for these names and ALWAYS check to see who favorited your pictures...
People are intitled to their values and interests, but DONT include me or my family in this kind of "obsession"...
FlyButtafly PRO 10 years ago
When you do come across people like the one pygmylover posted about, hit report abuse on them! Flickr has contacts with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and they take that kind of thing very seriously.

You should be more concerned with protecting your children IRL. There are all sorts of weirdos in real life - all around you - and they are the ones that can actually hurt you.

The freaks on the web that get their jollies off of looking at little kids, or womens' feet (or whatever their freaky pervesion may be) are really only harmful to themselves.

exactly what i';ve been saying. obsessing over the fact that someone looks at pictures of your kid...the pictures YOU posted of your kids....is being a little extreme. of course kids need to be protected. but liberally picking out 'questionable' users leads to more problems than it solves.

i know this, because, as a guy, i have been blocked and sent nasty messages several times because i have either commented or faved a picture of a kid. the thing i always get, seriously, is 'i think it's weird for guys to like kids'.....i don't have anything near questionable in my stream or faves or groups...but people just get their panties so wadded up that they stop thinking clearly. i am sick of all the people who start witch hunts, however well meaning they are.

the danger to your kids is NOT online it is in real life. at school. at parks. no one is going to/is able to track down your child online...unless you spell out their location, name, all that stuff.
Daniel E Russell [deleted] 10 years ago
Galway Nutter (Michelle) Pro User wrote:
If the group is made private it might help.

Not really. The member list of "private" groups are still visible to anyone who cares to review them. A pedophile would not have to be an astrophysicist to realize that surfing through a "Little People" member's photostream would have a high probability of helping him locate lots of pictures of kids.

The same applies to tags... even if you don't use them, your photostream is still easily accessible and is "red flagged" for pedophiles by being a member of any child photography group.

The only viable option is to make all the pix of your kids "private" or to not post them to Flickr.

Getting Flickr to "blank out" membship lists in private groups is probably a bad idea... recently I was asked to post a picture of a pregnant woman to a group that sounded innocuous but which was "private". Being fussy and cautious about what groups I join, I looked through the photostream of its various members - most of whom had some weird fetish for pregnant women and S&M.
FlyButtafly PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FlyButtafly (member) 10 years ago
The member list of "private" groups are still visible to anyone who cares to review them.

Actually, this is completely untrue. Private groups are completely invisible to anyone not a member or an invitee. Photos in the group will not show the affiliation to that group on their page except to other members, they don't show up in the profiles, etc.

edit: I just reread what you said - I missed the "member list" part. Anyway, to address that - it's basically what I already wrote. The only way someone will know you're a member of that private group is if they're also a member.
Daniel E Russell [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Daniel E Russell (member) 10 years ago
Pardon me....

"Pregnancy & Motherhood" is a private group. Its pool is ONLY visible to members.

I am NOT a member.

is their lists members... quite plainly visible to me and anyone else
Well I don't know about seeing the member lists, but what I was saying was for people who have marked their shots private. If the group is private they can post shots here & people who are not members can't see them.
FlyButtafly PRO 10 years ago
Daniel - where did you get the idea that group is private? It is fully public, and anyone can join if they agree to the rules! The pool being private is a totally separate thing, a setting the admin chooses.
Daniel E Russell [deleted] 10 years ago
If the photos aren't public then they're... private.
FlyButtafly PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FlyButtafly (member) 10 years ago
No, the pool is "hidden" from non-members. Public photos can be posted to hidden-from-members pools.

You can argue all you want, but I'm telling you there is a difference.
Daniel when you have marked a shot private & post it to a group everyone in that group can see the photo. I doesn't matter what settings you have on the shot itself!
Neudson Aquino Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Neudson Aquino (member) 10 years ago
I came to this topic because like most people here, i had my kid's (pictures of my cousins, i'm not a dad yet) pictures on fovorites of people that looked like very strange. People with only kid's pictures on their favorites and no photos of their own (i blocked this one). But yesterday a guy added 3 photos from my stream to his favorites, 3 photos of kids. I looked at his favorites. Most photos of kids, most at the beach (two of mine were at the beach). But he does have photos of other subjects on his favorites and do have photos of his own. And i started thinking. Am i going to judge this guy for adding photos of kids to his favorites? What if I add some kids photos to my favorites (as i already did, cuz i love kids), will i be judged too? Would i like to be judged for adding photos of kids to my favorites?
I guess this is something we must thing too. We're judging people! People that might be the creep we think they are, but they might not be too. Maybe the guy is just someone like me. Who love children, and whose biggest dream is to become a dad.
Whatever he is, is not fair to judge people just for a glimpse of his favorites. I was going to do that, but decided not to. Even if he is a creep, what harm he can do? Of course i dont like the idea that he might be using those photos for exciting himself because they're my cousins', and i love them too much, and care about them. But if he is, and already looked at the pictures, what else can i do? Nothing!
I've decided not to be this paranoid. My kids photos will remain public, i'll add tags as always do. Will add them to groups as always.
As was said some posts above, the danger is really here, in real world, not on the net. I know it's hard to believe it, especially if you're a parent. But that's the true.
exactly! finally SOMEONE understands and the problem. most all of us probably have faves of kids....who doesn't like kids? it's like programmed into us...

yes...there's crappy people put there....but as long as they're looking at your picture, and not your actual child...you're good.
[kren] 10 years ago
People who control other people's favourites and draw conclusions are the real pervs and creepy people. I avoid them.
debbyallan Posted 10 years ago. Edited by debbyallan (member) 10 years ago
I am very confused about this subject

someone is giving the links he found in litlle boys rules, he is sharing the same things here!
he's doing a great job of searching these pics
don't you see he already have what he wont when he is giving these links?

for the person who found the link of Little boys rule

how did you find this site ?????????????????????

you really have to search little boys to find this link !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the other problem is many people start uploading there pic's as private now ,the thing what will happens
pedo's gonna start uploading there pics private and share it wit other pedo's. Who will control it ?
is that what we will from flickr?

the best thing is everything public and don't upload pics that can offend

at this moment i am learning editing my pic's and it will take some time before i upload the rest of my pic's (not easy to learn )
however i will never upload nude pic's off my children (at this moment i am thinking to only upload the panorama's)

(Sorry for my bad English)
eτi 9 years ago
I haven't reacted earlier because I was on vacation - well, I am definitely not going to make this group private! This is a public group meant to share pictures and meet people (which is what Flickr is all about).
So don't upload pictures you don't want everybody to see and try not to panic for no reason - after all, if somebody sees your child's picture, it's not like he's hurting your child.

And if you don't feel comfortable with somebody favoriting your pictures, just block them (you can also immediately unblock them - your picture will be gone from their favorites)
Luvemdark [deleted] 9 years ago
To me this all seems like the razor blade in the Halloween candy. It's never happened (urban myth) but people are scared to death of it anyway.

What do you really think are the odds a pedophile will see a picture of your children, find them so irresistibly beautiful that they'll fly / drive to your city, hunt down your address, take them from under your careful watch and have their way with them?

If anyone can produce an actual occurrence of this happening anywhere, I will totally eat crow and formally apologize to this group.

Some points raised that I would like to address:
1. Making or enjoying images of children is not weird. They make for consistently superb photographic subjects.
2. Men are allowed to enjoy them too. To question why a man would enjoy them is no different than wondering why a woman would possibly want to use power tools or play team sports.
3. Some people like pictures of flowers, some people like pictures of cars, some people like pictures of children. A person who downloads a picture of your cat does not necessarily want to have sex with your cat.
4. Not posting nude images of your child for the entire world to see is simply a courtesy to your child. If they don't care now, they might care later. (Or they might not.)

Life is way more fun when you're fearless.
BeccaG PRO 9 years ago
Beautifully put Kneejerk.
Kajsa L Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Kajsa L (member) 6 years ago
Hi, I don't have photos of children, but just wondering if it is just young children or teens to?
As I teen myself I feel a bit worried and takes the massage with me that may be I should think about what I post on flickr.
Because if there are people who like this there should be people that 'likes' teens to...
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