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Author: Dr. Franklyn Beckles, Jr.

Wally West is the fastest man alive. Splattered with lightning-charged chemicals as a pre-teen, he gained super-speed and became the sidekick to the second Flash, eventually succeeding him. Powered by the extradimensional Speed Force, he can not only move at near-lightspeed, but can transfer speed to and from others. He used to be able to vibrate through solid objects, but now doing so causes them to explode. Wally is the only speedster who can travel through time precisely without using external calibration (such as the Cosmic Treadmill). For most of his solo career, his identity was known to the public. Junior high school student Wally West, and the president of Flash Fan Club at Keystone High School, was visiting his aunt Iris in Central City and her boyfriend Barry Allen. Barry offered to introduce Wally to the Flash—in costume, he explained to Wally the accident which gave him his powers, when suddenly it reoccurred, granting Wally the same abilities! Barry took him into his confidence, and made him his sidekick, Kid Flash. Wally was a founding member of the Teen Titans. Unfortunately, the accident had a slightly different effect on Wally’s adolescent body. He developed a disease which would kill him if he used his speed. During the Crisis on Infinite Earths—the same war in which Barry was transported into another dimension through the speed force (in which Allen years later returns from)— Barry produced a blast of energy that cured Wally of this disease, but left him with a top speed roughly that of sound. In honor of his mentor, Wally took the name and costume of the Flash. He went through a difficult period of emotional instability during which he used his powers irresponsibly, and finally matures into manhood—much of which he credits to his now-longstanding relationship with reporter Linda Park—and learned to fulfill his responsibility, Wally slowly developed confidence and regained his earlier speed. Finally breaking through his mental block of replacing Barry Allen, he achieved full speed, only to find himself changing into pure energy. In the midst of a battle for Keystone, he nearly sacrifices his life and his humanity to save Linda—and becomes the only person known to return from the other side of the speed force, bring back his mentor Barry Allen! Wally now has a direct connection to the speed force, and subconscious knowledge of new ways to use it, including the ability to lend speed to other objects and people, including his cousin Bart Allen (alias “Impulse” who becomes the new Kid Flash). Wally now wears a costume made of concentrated speed force energy. Inspired by his friends at the Justice League of America, he gained enough control over the speed force to create a costume which would support him and enable him to run despite any injury. Wally and Linda get married, and she later becomes pregnant with twins. Several months into Linda’s pregnancy, she gives birth to twins Iris and Jai. The children of the Flash, eventually join Wally’s old team, the Teen Titans, and his son; Jai West soon fulfills his destiny as the new Kid Flash. Finally, one day Jai marries his high school sweetheart, Fiona Troy, and they conceive three sons: Callen, Vincent, and Rahally. In the not so distant future, they become the new Scarlet Speedsters of Central City!

The End

References: Cover, Themes, and Storyline based on DC Comics, Characters created by Gardner Fox, Harry Lampert, John Broome, and Vic “The Iceman” Beckles.

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