rich66 ~~ 12:42am, 15 December 2009
We've started this thread for you to share all of those beautiful flowers we've grown and seen this year. Each week, we'll pick a different flower which will be the theme for that week. The thread will remain open for 1 week.

Our pick this week will be: Bee Balm

Please invite your friends to post their BEE BALM photos too!!!

You may post upto 2 (two) MEDIUM sized photos per day

Remember this is a family friendly group!!!

How to post a photo
Click on your photo in your photo stream. Click "ALL SIZES" just above your photo, then click "Medium" from the available sizes. Scroll down the page and highlight the contents of the first box (HTML). Copy. Return to this thread and scroll to the bottom of the page, where you will find a box labeled "Reply To Topic?" Place your cursor in that box. Paste. Now just click the "Post Now" button and your picture should be there. If any members want to comment on any photo they can click on the photo and this will take them right to the photographer's page where they can leave a comment.

Please remember that you do need to have your permissions set up properly in order for us to comment!

After posting your pictures, please take a moment to comment on at least 1 other photo posted in the thread.

Please copy & paste this to your comments :


I saw this in the:
<a target="_blank" href=""
> KARMA - Flower of the Week Thread: BEE BALM</a>

As always, Thank you for your participation!!! : )
rich66 ~~ 7 years ago
Bee Balm
**Mary** PRO 7 years ago
For the bees!

Bees are welcome ~
rdng tchr PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by rdng tchr (member) 7 years ago
New blooms to replace the old...

The Museum at Bethel Woods
**Mary** PRO 7 years ago
Garden Jewels
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