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pointybunny ADMIN March 17, 2009
Just Too Cute is for children and pet photos only! All other photo subjects will be removed. Thanks ^^
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Group Description

Welcome to Just TOO Cute!

Home of the CUTEST photos on Flickr! Focusing exclusively upon child and pet photos allows members to showcase and receive comments on photos of our beloved family members and friends. Fun contests allow members to highlight their very best and most beloved photos for the world to see. A strong sense of community allows members to express themselves in words as well as pictures.

WELCOME and post your cutest photos! For every photo you post, please comment on two of your favorite photos in the pool or give them a trophy!
Please read the Group Rules by clicking the link on the right hand side of the page

CUTE PHOTO OF THE WEEK: 今日の「かわいい~!!」一枚

Q: What is the Cute Photo of the Week?
A: A photo chosen randomly from the pool by the admin staff and showcased here!
Posting Suggestions, Trophies, and Invites:

**When you post a photo, comment on at least two photos from the pool. When you post two photos, comment on at least four photos from the pool. It is so easy to leave a comment on someone else's photo and make their day! Commenting is strongly encouraged.

**Please add the following link to your comments:

href="https://flickr.com/groups/justtoocute/">Just TOO Cute!</a>

It should look like this

Just TOO Cute!

**If you REALLY think a photo is cute, give it a trophy!

Copy this code

<a href="https://flickr.com/groups/justtoocute/"><img src="https://farm2.static.flickr.com/1341/634940571_2f40a8716b_t.jpg" width="100" height="69" alt="jtc2""/></a>

** It will look like this!


Our Invite Code Please give this to any cute photos you think would make an appropriate addition to our group!

The Beary Cute Award

Please add the following link for the Beary Cute Award

<a href="https://flickr.com/groups/justtoocute/"><img src="https://farm2.static.flickr.com/1290/634836170_c4dbdf0c9e_o.jpg" width="144" height="108" alt="jtc""" /></a>

---------------------------and below is how it should look---------------------



Just TOO Cute! ~ A Place for Children and Pets - View this group's most interesting photos on Flickriver


For Our Japanese Friends:
ようこそ「Just Too Cute」へ!! 私たちは、あなたの参加を、心よりお待ちしています。
いろいろな友達を作ったり、楽しい一時をシェアしたり、あなたが「これは、かわいい~!!」と思う写真にコメントをしたりしましょう。 そして、あなたの「これは、かわいい~!!」を自慢しましょう!

下記のリンクを、コメントの後に、コピペ(Copy and Paste)して下さい。
href="https://flickr.com/groups/justtoocute/">Just TOO Cute!</a>
For Our Italian Friends:
Benvenuto a Just TOO Cute! (TROPPO carino!). Ci fa piacere che ti sia iscritto anche tu. Hai mai visto o scattato una foto che ti fa dire: "TROPPO carino!"?
Questo è il gruppo giusto per condividerla con altra gente. Fa' amicizia, divertiti con noi, commenta una foto che ti sembra "TROPPO carina!" e passa momenti piacevoli.

Non dimenticare di aggiungere il seguente link ai tuoi commenti:
href="https://flickr.com/groups/justtoocute/">Just TOO Cute!</a>

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Fun Stuff
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We ask that you please do not post new threads or topics.
If you would like to start a thread, contact one of our admins to start it for you.

Come enjoy a happy atmosphere with no stress involved. Take part in our discussions, contests and photo threads.

With Hopes, We can live for one week
With Love, We can live for one year
With Dreams, We can live through out our life

Ethereal Usagi

Just TOO Cute!   かわいい!. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr
Home of the CUTEST photos on Flickr!

Group Rules

Post only Cute photos of children (NO adults) unless they are in the photo with the child) and pets/companion animals.
Members may post 2 Cute photos a day.
When you post a photo, comment on a photo from the pool. If you post 2 then comment on any 2. It's Easy!!
No inanimate objects, plants, insects or nature photos. We all love them but they have their own groups.
NO WILD ANIMALS OR ANIMALS IN ZOOSThey are beautiful and can be cute but this group is directed towards children and pets.
No photos of of animals or children in dangerous situations or implied violence ie: in ovens, on baking dishes, washing machines, etc....
NO swearing, harrasment, rudeness or being insulting to anyone within the confines of the group. Stay positive, folks. We have enough to deal with in every day life.
NO NUDITY - THIS IS A Family Friendly Group Only.
NO Flooding the Pool. We would like a safe swim here.
NO Trolls- Trolls will be sent back under the bridge they came from. You have one warning.
No Double Dipping the pool. Which means adding your photo, getting comments, taking it out and then resubmitting for more comments.
Safety is primary. Please share any worries or concerns immediately with an administrator.
Administration has the right to delete any photo from the pool or ban or warn someone at any time for not adhering to these rules. We also frequently monitor the group pool and we are sorry but we will remove you from the group if you seem to just lurk and not contribute anything at all.
We ask that you please do not post new threads or topics.
If you would like to start a thread, contact one of our admins to start it for you.

Thank You for joining us!

1. 投稿していい写真は、子供のかわいい写真、又は、ペットや動物です。 大人の写真は、子供と共に写っている写真以外はご遠慮下さい。
2. メンバーは、写真の投稿は一日に2枚までとします。
3. 対象物は、全て生きているものとします。 自然や、植物等はご遠慮下さい。
4. このグループは、「これは、かわいい~!!」をシェアするグループです。 メンバーを侮辱したり、貶したり、常識のないコメントは絶対にやめて下さい。
5. ヌード等の過激な写真の投稿はご遠慮下さい。
6. このグループに参加し、他のメンバーへ迷惑メール、ウィルス等を送る行為をしようとする方の参加は、固くお断りします。 もし、このような行為が判明した場合は、当方より、直ちにFlickrへ報告します。




Posta soltanto Foto Carine di bambini (NESSUN adulto a meno che non sia nella foto col bambino) e animali da compagnia.
I membri possono postare 2 Foto Carine al giorno.
No ad oggetti inanimati, piante, insetti o natura in genere. Ci piacciono moltissimo, ma non è questo il gruppo giusto per loro.
NO a parolacce, intimidazioni, maleducazione, insulti a chiunque faccia parte del gruppo.
NO ai NUDI - QUESTO è un Gruppo che si attiene ai valori della FAMIGLIA.
NON allagate questo pool di foto, ci piacciono le nuotate serene.
NO ai Trolls- rispediremo i Trolls sotto al ponte da cui sono venuti. Un solo avvertimento.
Teniamo alla sicurezza. Per favore comunica immediatamente agli amministratori qualsiasi preoccupazione o disagio.
L'amministrazione si riserva il diritto di cancellare qualsiasi foto dal gruppo o bandire o riprendere chi in un qualsiasi momento non aderisca a queste regole.

Per favore lascia un commento ad una foto che trovi carina.

Grazie per la tua adesione!


Erlaubt sind nur niedliche Fotos von Kindern (KEINE Erwachsenen, es sei denn sie sind mit dem Kind auf dem Foto) und ihren Haustieren.
Mitglieder können 2 Fotos pro Tag in den Foto-Pool geben.
Keine leblosen Gegenstände, Pflanzen, Insekten oder Naturfotos. Wir alle lieben sie, aber es gibt dafür eigene Gruppen.
KEINE WILDEN TIERE ODER TIERE AUS DEM ZOO, sie können zwar nett sein, aber diese Gruppe ist Kindern und Haustieren gewidmet.
KEINE Schimpfwörter, Belästigungen, Unhöflichkeiten oder Beleidigungen fuer alle innerhalb dieser Gruppe. Bleibt positiv, Leute. Wir haben genügend damit im Alltagsleben zu kämpfen.
Keine Überschwemmung des Foto-Pools. Wir wollen hier sicher schwimmen.
Keine Trolle - wir schicken Trolle wieder unter die Brücke zurueck wo sie hergekommen sind. Du hast nur eine Warnung. Halte uns für Billy Goats.
Sicherheit ist Hauptsache. Bitte teile Sorgen und Bedenken sofort mit einem Gruppenverwalter.
Verwalter haben das Recht jederzeit Fotos aus dem Foto-Pool zu löschen, jemanden zu verwarnen oder aus der Gruppe zu bannen wenn die Gruppenregeln nicht eingehalten werden. Wir überwachen auch regelmässig den Foto-Pool und so leid es uns tut, werden wir dich entfernen falls du nur Fotos ansiehst aber selber keine beiträgst.

Reglas del Grupo:

Sólo están permitidas fotos monas de niños (NO de adultos, a menos que aparezcan en la foto con un niño) y mascotas.
Cada miembros pueden agregar 2 fotos por día al grupo.
No se permiten fotos de cosas inanimadas, plantas, insectos o de paisajes. Todas nos gustan, sin embargo, existen grupos especiales para ellas.
NO ANIMALES SALVAJES O DEL ZOOLÓGICO. Pueden ser muy bonitos y lindos, sin embargo, este grupo es exclusivamente para niños y mascotas.
NO se permiten malas palabras, acoso, groserías o insultos dirigidos hacia calquier miembro del grupo. Intenten ser positivos, amigos. Tenemos suficiente que soportar en la vida cotidiana.
NO se permite la inundación del pool. Queremos nadar seguros aquí.
NO gnomos - Los gnomos se mandarán de regreso en el puente del cual vinieron. Tienes una sola advertencia. Considéranos Billy Goats.
La seguridad es lo principal. Por favor, comparte tus preocupaciones y consideraciones immediatamente con un administrador del grupo.
La administración se conserva el derecho de remover calquier foto del pool o excluir o advertir a alguien en calquier momento por no respetar estas reglas. Nosotros observamos el pool y te excluímos del grupo si sólo estás merodeando sin contribuir nada.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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