orangebean80 1:47am, 24 July 2008
My dog's ears don't bend over like you always see......they are always up like a german shepard's .......they used to bend over when she was a puppy but as she got older they are always up that weird????
Pamsku 8 years ago
As my puppy grows older her ears lose the folding, She seems to be able to let them fold when she is not attentive but when is that for a Jack?
kittygutz PRO 8 years ago
I love your dogs ears - adorable. If you do a search on Google, you'll notice that there are definitely some broken coat JRT's with ears like your dog. I doubt that it's problematic in any way.

I don't think my JRT is a pure bread - I adopted her from a shelter so I can't be certain. But she has the smallest ears I've ever seen on a JRT. They fold down but they're teeny, tiny. They look like puppy ears.
Proprotection 8 years ago
I just added a pic of my dog Jack to the pool. He is actually a Rat Terrier. One of the big differences between a Rat and a Jack are the ears.
sheri1975 8 years ago
Australian Jacks have stand up ears. That is the biggest difference between them and the English variety. So it is not unusual to have a Jack with ears that permanently stand up.
real_vmstan 8 years ago
My Jack's ears lay flat, while my father-in-law's Jack are out like a bat. It's pretty normal IMO.
margaretmokelly 8 years ago
My fellow has one ear up and one down ! For a few weeks both were up
Gary Huston [deleted] 8 years ago
My Millie has one up and one down!

flyfish1963 8 years ago
My dog's right ear has a mind of it's own. It's not down. It's not up. It's more out than anything. Ears are one of the many things that make JRTs adorable.
angiecltan 8 years ago
JRTs who has either one or both of the ears "standing up (like a German Sheppard)" are said to have "pricked ears".

According to JRT standards, these dogs are "not confirmed" as JRTs and so, if we were to show these dogs, they would be disqualified because of this. (-_-)

Anyway, one of my JRTs has this problem but we love her to bits, pricked ears and all. We call it Snoopy's ANTENNA!! (^_^)
shellie wall photography [deleted] 7 years ago
hahahaha mine don't either they have always stuck up in the air!!


i also have no idea what she is so if any one knows thank you xx
puppydog-girl [deleted] 7 years ago
It's not weird, it's just all part of owning a Jack Russell. Some have Up ears, some have floppy, some have one up and one down, and others have them change.
TamaraL 7 years ago
It's called 'Prick Ear' and it's totally normal.

Like yours- my guys' ears flopped when he was a puppy.. Around 8 months or so, they started standing up all the time. He's 12 years old now and a real cutie!

Nothing to worry about :)

overmanc 6 years ago
this is cooper, my 2 year old jack russell. :) his ears stand straight up too! :)

101_2402 by overmanc
Restit (Very busy but I wont forget you) Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Restit (Very busy but I wont forget you) (member) 6 years ago
we have had 3 Jack Russels and one dog (Snowy)(White)had standing ears, one dog (Milo)(Brown/White)had hanging ears and one dog had1 hanging and 1 standing ear (Ollie)(Black/White with Brown in its Face:)
They can lift the ears or lower em so no worry's

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someplace2bflying 6 years ago
This is coming hugely late to the conversation, but for anyone reading this in the future - Australian Jack Russells do NOT have ears that stand up, their ears MUST be folded over. I live in Australia and show purebred JRTs and have never seen a single one with ears that stand up - it would be highly unusual (even in 2008) to have a purebred one with ears that did!

That being said, in a pet dog, it doesn't make any difference - the pics above with dogs with one ear up/one ear down are utterly adorable so outside the show ring with non-breeding dogs, it really wouldn't matter either way!
TickledPinkbyJ 5 years ago
All the girl Jacks that I've had have always had there ears stand on end, even when their ears started flopped over. I think it's fairly common and it's soooo cute!

Happy Lucy!
Mick_Eyles PRO 4 years ago
Independently sprung.

Hello_Quynh 4 years ago
i love prick ears :) my hunter had prick ears, they were big and soft, i called them his bat ears :) While it's normal, you couldn't register the pup with JRTCA b/c of that- but that's silly

hunter after a bath. by Hello_Quynh
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