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judojudo ADMIN April 24, 2019
All photographic subjects are welcome, respecting the group rules: no nudes, pornography, violence against people or animals, racism and bad language. This is a family group!
Welcome and have fun!
Only color photos. No BLACK & WHITE !!

Please, give your comments or invites using our group codes HERE.

More than 11.280 members! Thank you friends!

Group Description


Fiori, Piante, Animali,Paesaggi, Architettura e Belle Arti.
Dal neofita all'esperto, dalla "compattina" alla super reflex, c'è posto per tutti !!!.

This Group is interested about nature, flowers, animals, architecture, landscapes, night shots, sunsets, sunrises and curiosities from all the world!





Flickr Rank - month December year 2018 - group JUDOJUDO E LA FOTOGRAFIA - 11334 members

#1 - Ross's Goose (Chen rossii)

by Don Dunning - See his photo - See his profile

#2 - Trepador Azul

by minutuuno - See his photo - See his profile

#3 - Best Buddy

by wilwilwilsonsonson - See his photo - See his profile

#4 - It's Over

by sorrellbruce - See his photo - See his profile

#5 - Féerie d’hiver

by Jolivillage - See his photo - See his profile

#6 - Nacimiento en el Mercado Colón felicitando la Navidad

by Passqual - See his photo - See his profile

#7 - Gabbiano _064

by Rolando CRINITI - See his photo - See his profile

#8 - Catedral de Colonia

by Jose Rubio - See his photo - See his profile

#9 - "I saved a seat for you"

by Shannon Rose O'Shea - See his photo - See his profile

#10 -

by Laszlo Papinot - See his photo - See his profile

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Group Rules


Non sono accettate foto a contenuto pornografico o pedofilo.
Non sono accettate foto di nudo anche se artistico.
Non sono accettate foto a sfondo politico o inneggianti ad un movimento politico.
Non sono accettate foto di violenze su persone e/o animali.
Non sono accettati commenti ingiuriosi e/o lesivi dell'altrui dignità.

Le foto non ritenute idonee, verranno cancellate senza preavviso.

Per la permanenza nel gruppo non è necessario attribuire Awards, ma sono comunque caldamente raccomandati!

La mancata osservanza di dette Regole costringerà l'Amministratore alla cancellazione permanente del Membro dal Gruppo.

Un grande benvenuto nel Gruppo a chi accetterà queste poche e semplici regole !!!!!.



We don't accept photos with pornographic contents, all types of nudes, even if artistical, political contents, violences against people or animals.
No offensive languages and / or disrespectful of other's dignity.

All photos considered inappropriate will be deleted without notice.

Comments are not required, but heartily recommended!

Failed observance of these rules will involve exclusion from the group!

A warm welcome in this group to all those will accept these simple rules!

Additional Info

  • This group doesn't care how many other groups a photo is in
  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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