imageo 12:28am, 24 September 2019
Wednesday, 13 November 2019 10:30 am – Noon-ish
Meet at Norton’s Park Carpark, Norton’s Lane, Wantirna South (just of High Street Rd)
#241/365 Towards the Police Academy
This is an investigation of the works of Bill Henson & William (JWM) Turner. They may sound like strange bedfellows but come and see their motivation and approaches to the spirit and atmosphere of landscapes. Starting with the tonal aspects of Bill Hensen's chiaroscuro approach, then the compositional linework of Turner's sketches and onto his atmospheric watercolours full of light.

You will have the opportunity to both sketch and photograph your next inspired masterpiece, or just enjoy the company.

Free but please register with eventbrite or contact
imageo 2 years ago
Bill Henson's latest exhibition "The light fades but the gods remain"
is still on at the Monash Gallery of Art until 29th September
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Did a scouting trip to Norton's park on Friday and the weather was bad, persistent rain and hail, not great for sketching or photography

#313/365 Sheltering from the hail

Unfortunately, the forecast for next Wednesday is much the same 80% chance of showers (the Scoresby Weather Station is nearby if you want to check). There is an indoor contingency if the weather looks bad on the day (so watch your email Tuesday or phone for text message)
imageo Posted 2 years ago. Edited by imageo (admin) 2 years ago
Who has figured out why you got two grey photos, when Photgraphying a white card and then a black card?

Have a look at your histograms. Then if you took raw photos, try adjusting the exposure up and down about 2 stops.
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