imageo 12:12am, 24 September 2019
Sunday, 6 October 2019 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Meet at Carpark in front of Wayburne Preschool
579 Waverley Road, Glen Waverley,
#133/365 On the right Track

This is a reschedule of the Scotchman’s Creek walk that was cancelled because of strong winds in July.

Whilst we will be walking along the Scotchman’s Creek track, the opportunity should be taken to look a little wider than the obvious photo of the pathway, and seek out those things, photo styles and compositions that motivate you and suits your style.
imageo 2 years ago
Off the path, but tacking the more abract composition of the twiste tree truns and paying homage of the higher dynamic range o light on a sunny day below the canopy
#280/365 Into the woods
imageo 2 years ago
This was my personal challenge today, in-camera double exposure, bark textures over photographers.

experiments in double exposure experiments in double exposure

experiments in double exposureexperiments in double exposure
alan4893 2 years ago
It looks like a good technique to retain the anonymity of the human subject but maybe the bark texture is too random. Might work to capture "ghosts" but needs work to assess the right images to combine. Perhaps photoshop is an easier mechanism for investigation than the in-camera approach???
What do you think Norm?
imageo 2 years ago
yes photoshop (which I don't have and never have used) should allow better control BUT I like the risk and accidental-ness of the process of doing it in camera.

I also agree the bark might be a bit harsh but it was the texture easily available on the walk.

Double exposing the photographers was probably being a bit cheeky anyway, again they were a available subject.
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