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Since we all come from different cultures, I'd like to see close up [macro] examples of the beautiful Traditional bejeweled fabrics used in/on, say, [your] wedding garments/clothes/accessories. Images should highlight that item's ornamentation.

My wedding gown didn't have 'ornamentation' in the form of beadwork, etc., per se, so its not a good example; but here are a few I've found on flickr..

This image shows an example of the extremes possible in our Western Culture; the dress image is entitled as 'Wedding dress of the year award' in Aidan and Quyen's photostream, although I suspect there may be a large amount of tongue in cheek involved in that title.

*Aidan and Winny's*  Wedding dress of the year award

More typical these days, Aidan and Quyen themselves had two wedding ceremonies, each honoring the cultural traditions from their respective parts of the World. (Visit their photostream for pictures of their ceremonies) Sadly, there were no close-ups I could use here. Aidan Devenish is from Sydney, Australia.

Continuing on with our 'more typical' trends in wedding gowns seen in the USA and Canada are the following two examples of dress and accessory detail. Of course it goes without saying that each and every wedding gown is utterly elegant in its own right, since it represents the wearer's wedding ideal!

The beautiful raised embroidery detail work on *Rebel Angel's* [Cate] wedding gown is inlaid with highly reflective stones; she is from Sydney, Australia, so I guess we could say her ceremonial garment is also typical, in style, of today's young Australian women.

Rebel Angel's wedding dress detail

And this is a veil I noticed in *SpecialP's* [Michelle] "Bridezillas" set earlier. I originally thought there were pearls or sequins on the veil, but I may be wrong. Michelle is from Spokane, USA

*SpecialP's* Bridezillas set

I'd like to invite you to share your special occasion textiles if they are also embedded with jewels, sequins, or any type of jewel-like ornamentation that sparkles, or bespeaks of time honored Tradition. I'm thinking 'wedding' here, but you may celebrate some special occasion in your part of the world that I am not aware of.

Please post the 'small' or 'medium' sized images in this discussion thread only, accompanied with a brief blurb on who you are, where you are from, and how the garment/textile is significant to you!
We had two wedding ceremonies a week apart. The first was a formal Jewish ceremony performed by a Judge at my mom's in Syracuse, NY. The second was our medieval wedding in Payson, AZ, at Kohl's Ranch with our SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) friends. May was the only time we could do it because my mom insisted that we have the formal wedding first. We spent more on the garb for the medieval wedding than anything else.

Cutting Cake
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Very nice wedding set. Did you actually purchase your garments? I'd love to see the jewel work and ornamentation up close. :`)
..The Ring, that 'most significant of wedding ornaments'
[by permission from Angrysalad: the *Jennifer & Jason* set]

*Tessa's* Jennifer & Jason set *Tessa's* Jennifer & Jason set *Tessa's* Jennifer & Jason set *Tessa's* Jennifer & Jason set
"Square ring" as ordered...
square ring 2

Any one seen anything like it? The stones are Moissanite and about 1/3 ~ 1/2 the cost of diamonds, but Moissanite has much more "fire" than a diamond and much cleaner to the eye.
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now where did i put those bloomin kilt pins

'bloomin' kilt pins

..erm, maybe you forgot to pick them. In that case, they'd still be on the kilt tree, wouldn't they? :`)

Wermut: No, the ones I've seen are completely square with inlaid settings. I like this one a lot, tho. Very clever design. :`)
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Being Chinese, I got a few pieces of jewelry when I got married.
A picture of my engagement/wedding ring:

Set of gold bangles from my mom, a very common Chinese tradition:

And here are a couple more of my favorites:

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Shegaya's photostream is unavailable while the UAE blocks its members from :``( .

From the United Arab Emirates,, I behold Some of the traditional things used to be used in the old days,,

Some Jewellery


These are some nickless made out of Selver..

in this picture,, Is what is called "makehal" in this small container women used to keep Eye-kehels. for make upping their eyes..

and in the THUMB you could see a tepical tradetional ring too ^_^ made from selver :) I love them still :p..

نرجس و مشموم
Old Perfum container,, Noticing that the perfumes before used to be made in the house out of roses and Jasmin Mostely :)

Legends Immortality
In this Wooden Box,, women used to keep their belongings,,
clothes and jewellery mostly ^_^
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Oh my! Such beautiful things! Thank you for expanding our cultural worlds Shegaya and WkWong!
Kamala L 12 years ago
This is a picture of a South Indian wedding.The bride wears a bright colored pattu(original silk) saree and blouse and ornaments like, golden and glass bangles,necklaces and head-decorations .Also mehandi(Color pigment) in hands.The bridegroom wears a silk dhoti and towel. Both of them wear garlands of fresh flowers.
The wedding is elaborate and goes on for two days.It consists of three important occasions, Welcome of the Bridegroom or reception, religious rituals just before the wedding, the solemnisation and follow-up rituals.
Kamala L 12 years ago
This is a photo of the Reception of a south Indian wedding.The brigegroom is wearing western dress and the bride wears a traditional saree and blouse.(Sometimes the bride wears a modern dress of another region of India for a change)
Wedding Reception(south India)
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"...she's 'Tying the Knot'!..."

..she's 'tying the knot'!
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...this one's from a new tv series we're shooting in Tel Aviv:

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