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Hello puzzlers!I see that we have quite a few new members and I would like you to welcome you all!Please do not forget to mention the title, brand, number of pieces and, if known, the name of the photographer or painter of the puzzle picture.Thank you!


  • Wasgij fan

    does anyone else like these puzzles.?

    ken saunders19 months ago0 replies

  • When missing pieces...

    I am pretty sure that happen to everyone here. I have done like twenty jigsaws a...

    sand29ii10 months ago6 replies

  • Where do you puzzle?

    We started doing puzzles on our large dining room table, which we rarely use. I ...

    pidgeon9210 months ago1 replies

  • Pictures of Puzzles

    I think that it should be allowed to upload the pictures of the progress we do w...

    christianhathaway11 months ago12 replies

  • Where Our Members Are From

    I am very interested in knowing where the members of this group are from. I can ...

    pattakins13 months ago45 replies

  • Antipodean Arrows

    Background: Arrow was a British manufacturer of jigsaws. Initially made in the U...

    dvdlcs26 months ago0 replies

  • contacting jigsaw puzzle artists

    Has anyone ever contacted a puzzle artist by email, using social media, or anoth...

    photographyphreakgirl31 months ago6 replies

  • Doing A Puzzle That's Not Fun...

    I am currently working on a 1000 piece puzzle (a Dali Painting) that I am not fi...

    P.J.Penrose32 months ago1 replies

  • A Photographic Hint

    As puzzle surfaces are so smooth, pictures will look better if you turn off the ...

    P.J.Penrose33 months ago1 replies

  • How Many Puzzles Are Waiting to be Done?

    OK Everyone. I have a new question for you all. I am an admitted "Puzzle Junkie"...

    pattakins34 months ago7 replies

  • Describe puzzle brands you have and preferences

    Doing puzzles, sometimes I like to try out new brands I never done before. Every...

    pdeck38 months ago6 replies

  • Jigsaw Fan Web Links

    Outside of flickr, manufacturer's websites and ebay, do you have any jigsaw-rela...

    dajavous50 months ago5 replies

  • Jigsaw Junkie

    May be old hat, but I stumbled across this website today. This guy must be real...

    Dennis Wilmot52 months ago5 replies

  • Meet Up

    Is there anyone in the group that lives near Glasgow that might like to meet up ...

    JIGSAWGENIUS57 months ago0 replies

  • Hello Out There

    Just wondered if there are any members looking at this site as not many post.

    JIGSAWGENIUS57 months ago1 replies

  • Jigsawgenius

    Hello All. I have just joined, nice to be part of such a nice group. I have bee...

    JIGSAWGENIUS58 months ago1 replies

  • One Million Puzzle Pieces Club and WPD

    Maybe you have already heard about it - here you can read the rules and subscrib...

    Leonisha58 months ago0 replies

  • Share my experience when playing jigsaw puzzles

    Hello, This album showing the way I'm playing and storing jigsaw puzzles. Esp...

    zippy mist59 months ago0 replies

  • What do you do after you finish a puzzle?

    Do you trow it away? Do you save it? Anything else? I mostly save it or hang ...

    Mariee2559 months ago5 replies

  • What is your favourite size of puzzle to do?

    Mine is usually the 750 piece. I find them hard to find, so I usually go with wh...

    absent force59 months ago23 replies

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