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Extralimital bird photos now being removed, unless they are an extreme rarity.


  • No Conowingo Eagles or Wissahickon Wood Ducks Photo

    Abusing the group pool will get you banned. The purpose of this group is to pro...

    Dave Blinder36 months ago0 replies

  • JerseyBirders on Instagram

    Collaborative JeresyBirders (New Jersey non-captive birds only) is now online he...

    Dave Blinder42 months ago0 replies

  • Nelson's or Saltmarsh Sparrow?

    When we saw this bird at Prime Hook NWR in Delaware originally, we were sure it ...

    martytdx54 months ago0 replies

  • Return of Ospreys

    Hey all, I work with NJDFW and Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ to monitor...

    reclaimednj54 months ago3 replies

  • Conowingo Photos

    Conowingo photos will be removed from group, and repeat posters banned. No pert...

    Dave Blinder59 months ago0 replies

  • Update on forsythe wildlife drive weekend reopening 4/6/13

    For immediate release: April 3, 2013 For further information: ...

    ann.morrison7580 months ago0 replies

  • Cape May

    Hey everyone. Anyone know the best time to go to Cape May to see the most amount...

    Hopefoote, Ambassador of the Wow88 months ago0 replies

  • I need a Hawk ID Too

    This Hawk was in a tree near my house and allowed me to get pretty close before ...

    DaveGarPhoto89 months ago3 replies

  • Hi ALL from a new Joineee

    All, I am so excited to join this group :) I have been in NJ for past 1...

    Vamsi Dharmaji90 months ago2 replies

  • Hawk ID Please

    Is it possible to tell from this shot whether it is a sharp-shinned or Cooper's ...

    Μichael94 months ago2 replies

  • Yellow Cardinal in Kentucky

    I thought this may interest some of the Jersey Birders... Kentucky Ornitholog...

    LlewellynTheFist106 months ago0 replies

  • Snow Buntings

    I was wondering if anyone has seen the Snow Buntings at Forsythe this past week?...

    lakegirl1734106 months ago0 replies

  • Bird ID please

    It may be difficult to see but this little guy on the ground has a bright yellow...

    epawelko106 months ago3 replies

  • Photo Pool Map

    Hey guys, created this for myself thought it might be helpful for others: bi...

    aleahey108 months ago0 replies

  • Upcoming events at the Meadowlands

    Don't know that I will make it there this weekend, but very accomplished bird ph...

    Dave Blinder112 months ago0 replies

  • New NJ Outdoors blog

    Hey everyone, I've recently started a blog at - it ...

    Billtacular112 months ago0 replies

  • New Photographer

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know to feel free to leave p...

    Steven JR. Aumack112 months ago2 replies

  • Bird ID Request

    I'm looking for a little help with a Bird ID for a photo taken at the Forsythe N...

    Mark Schwall113 months ago2 replies

  • Confirm & ID please

    Hi, Is this a mockingbird in the first pic? I'm assuming it's a female becau...

    epawelko114 months ago2 replies

  • Can someone please ID this bird?

    Seen today beside the Paulinskill River in Sussex County. It doesn't look famili...

    Μichael114 months ago2 replies

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