S4Steve 5:02pm, 29 January 2015
Let's use this space to ask and answer our questions about photography. 3 years ago
just some comments about circular polarizer if anyone want to get a new one.
I had a cheap Hoya CPL for a year but used infrequently but yesterday when I got another quality CPL (Marumi super dhg, a surprise!) I found the cheap one is merely a linear polarizer!
test is simple: hold the CPL in front of the LCD computer screen, in one direction you'll be able to get a black screen when rotating. then flip direction you won't be able to blacken it. The cheap hoya CPL blacken almost completely in both directions (at least it is a good linear polarizer with little cast).
why cpl vs lp? bcz you need right metering in morden dslr. otherwise lp will do the same job with less cost.
do we need cpl? yes, we do. To reduce strong reflection from surfaces and even haze above grounds.
which brand to choose? buy the most expensive one you can/willing to afford.
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