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Alfie | Japanorama ADMIN June 2, 2013
A big thanks to all the people who continue to upload shots to this group. It's much appreciated. Been so busy with work recently and with three websites of my own and a busy Google Plus presence, it's been hard to make the time to spend here.

Since Flickr has undergone such a good re-design and since I am overdue some time here, going to try my best to get back into taking care of my Flickr presence.


Group Description is the fastest-growing English language photography school in Japan, teaching and offering workshops, photowalks, group & private lessons in the greater Tokyo area.

We also have a growing website which showcases the best of photography and Japan.

This group is not only for students and friends of Japanorama to submit and showcase their work, but also for people with an interest and photos of Japan. Add your photos of Japan and see them on our website. We won't own the rights or anything machiavellian like that, but rather this will be a pool from which we will stream content to our site and pull collections from to showcase there.

If you have any questions please feel free to drop me a line.


Group Rules

I am not a big one for loads of complicated rules, so I will keep this simple. Joining this group and posting your photos to it means you agree to the following guidelines.....

UPDATE: Due to the magazine coming along soon and us inviting pics into that, we've put up the daily limit of pics you can post to the pool to 5-per day. Thanks.

1. Post pictures of Japan, shot in Japan or concerned with Japanese things or people. If you live in Japan and have been abroad and have something to share from that place, cool. No problem with that. If you have had lessons with us but dont live in Japan, great, please feel free to post pics of whatever you like.

2. Photos shot on any camera, phone, point and shoot etc etc are fine but try and give us all a little bit of an explanation as to why you chose to shoot the shot the way you did. Photography should be fun but there's no harm in it being educational either.

3. Keep things clean. Nudes are great but just use your discretion as to how far down the road of what might be construed as 'porn' your nudes go before posting them.

4. Trolling, flaming etc in the discussions will not be tolerated. Be as open and frank as you like but at the end of the day agreeing to disagree is often the best way to wrap up a tricky 'discussion'.

That's about it. Enjoy!

Additional Info

  • Members can post 5 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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