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caribb ADMIN October 27, 2013
Hi - please be sure when you post your photos they are of pictures every Montrealer will be able to identify as their city. The photos that belong here define Montreal and of of things or places that only exist in this city. Ask yourself if when looking at your image if it could also be defining other cities... don't post pictures of people, doors, graffiti, trees or other thing that are generic to anyplace. Sadly I've seem many excellent photos that I've had to delete from the...

Group Description

Taking a queue from the innovative group It can't be more Dutch than this I thought I'd start a similar one for Montreal. Please check the Dutch site out and get a feel for the Netherlands... it's a great country. They already have some very representative photos added to their group.

Post pictures of people, things, places, concepts or anything that defines Montreal... that only exist in this city/region and no where else. This is not a group for photos simply taken in Montreal. It could though be a bagel from the Bagel Factory... a photo of the cross on Mont-Royal, the Jacques Cartier Bridge, one our centralized pay booths for parking, a specialty ice cream shop or café, the Métro, the Jazz Festival, le Grand Prix du Canada, unique grafitti with a Montreal twist... crazy road signs or whatever you think is unique to this city. It has to be something that when you see it you immediately think of Montreal and no where else.


Before posting the picture ask yourself if someone from Toronto, New York, Paris or Los Angeles would know right away the photo was taken in Montreal and not in their own city or some other. So no portaits, no photos of trees or flowers or other inanimate objects unless there is a "Montreal" reference visible in the like a nice fall tree next to a Metro stop.. a beautiful girl on the lookout at Mont Royal, a flower with Notre Dame basilca blurred in the background...

Bixi Bikes

People from outside the city who have photos of it are more than welcomed to join as well. Sometimes a "foreign" perspective is very different than a home grown one. You might be even better able to define the city than someone living here all their lives.

It can't be more Montreal than this
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Group Rules


Thanks for wanting to join this group. There's one main rule to follow;

-Post photos of Montreal where the viewer will instantly recognize it as being in Montreal.

So please make sure they include major landmarks, the skyline, well known places, the Métro one of the various festivals, Montreal begels or smoked meat etc.. if it is an obscure item generic to any city then try and include something "Montreal" in it like a parking sign, Arret sign, A Canadiens logo, the city skyline or something that identifies it to this city. Don't just post a picture of a tree or a person or a cake or a graffiti wall that could have been taken anywhere.

Any photo that doesn't reflect this rule will not be accepted unfortunately and from my experience close to 50% of the photos so far are being rejected so this is why I am writing this rule hoping at least the new members understand.


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  • This group doesn't care how many other groups a photo is in
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