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People in the neighborhood by MFinChina
From MFinChina

Masaf and Pilav by VinayakH
From VinayakH

 by brunoteam77
From brunoteam77

 by brunoteam77
From brunoteam77

Harar, Ethiopia by .sl.
From .sl.

Kebab restaurant in a bazaar, Peshawar, Pakistan ペシャワール、バザールの道端でケバブを焼いているレストランの店先 by travelingmipo
From travelingmipo

Daily plov Evening plov by Insher
From Insher

Bread from Samarkand by Insher
From Insher

Morning spread by Gurugo
From Gurugo

Moroccan Ramadan, in Assilah - Morocco by Miguel R & R
From Miguel R & R

Acid fruits healthy street snack in Tehran, Iran by German Vogel
From German Vogel

قلاية بندورة وفريكة  Tomato with minced meat and frike by Akelkom
From Akelkom

Rice and fried fish صيادية سمك by Akelkom
From Akelkom

cinnamon liers cake by Akelkom
From Akelkom

Indian Muslim Mosque by Phalinn Ooi
From Phalinn Ooi

Tunisian details by Insher
From Insher

Halal is heavy. Petite Anatolie, April 2015. by joelschalit
From joelschalit

Cherries by Sami Photos
From Sami Photos

Customer guessing by A. Yousuf Kurniawan
From A. Yousuf...

Street vendor, Istanbul by sdhaddow
From sdhaddow

Halal food vendor by A. Yousuf Kurniawan
From A. Yousuf...

Stall 14 by AnniversaryRoad
From AnniversaryRoad

Food Vendors in Jemaa El Fna by AnniversaryRoad
From AnniversaryRoad

cooking class by superUbO
From superUbO

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