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actually sheet June 14, 2007
When adding photos to the pool, please add tags from the list of emulsions below. This will create a searchable database of Kodak films for all of Flickr to enjoy.

Group Description

Welcome to the Kodak film group!

Members may add five photos per day to the pool.
Photos must be shot with Kodak film and have an appropriate tag.

Below is a list of film letter codes to use as tags. Note that tags with a space are surrounded by double quotation marks. If you don't see your film listed here, please post a message in the group's film list thread.

Tag,Film,Search the Pool

Color Negative
"Portra 100T",PORTRA 100T,PORTRA 100T
160NC,Portra 160NC,160NC
160VC,Portra 160VC,160VC
400NC,Portra 400NC,400NC
400VC,Portra 400VC,400VC
"Portra 400UC",Portra 400UC / UltraColor,Portra 400UC
"Portra 800",PORTRA 800,PORTRA 800
100UC,Ultra Color 100,100UC
200UC,Ultra Color 200,200UC
400UC,Ultra Color 400,400UC
"GOLD 100",GOLD 100,GOLD 100
"GOLD 200",GOLD 200,GOLD 200
"GOLD 400",GOLD 400,GOLD 400
"GOLD 800",GOLD 800,GOLD 800
"GOLD 1600",GOLD 1600,GOLD 1600
CZ,Kodacolor 100 (fresh stock) (only Latin America?), CZ
CZ,Kodacolor VR 100 (fresh stock) (only Europe?), CZ
DB,Kodacolor 200 (fresh stock), DB
DB,Kodacolor VR 200 (fresh stock), DB
DB,Color Plus 200, DB
RZ,Royal Gold 25,RZ
RA,Royal Gold 100,RA
RB,Royal Gold 200,RB
RC,Royal Gold 400,RC
RF,Royal Gold 1000, RF
"PROIMAGE 100",Pro Image 100,PROIMAGE 100
"PROIMAGE 200",Pro Image 200,PROIMAGE 200
FA,Farbwelt 100,FA (Also known as Funtime)
FB,Farbwelt 200,FB (Also known as Funtime)
FC,Farbwelt 400,FC (Also known as Funtime)
FT,Farbwelt 800,FT (Also known as Funtime)
"HD 200", High Definition 200, HD 200
"HD 400", High Definition 400, HD 400
VHC,Vericolor VHC, VHC
VPL,Vericolor II,VPL
VPS,Vericolor III,VPS
PRT,Pro 100T,PRT
PRN,Pro 100,PRN
PMC,Pro 400 MC,PMC
PPF,Pro 400,PPF
PMZ,Pro 1000,PMZ
PFF,Profoto 100,PFF
BP,Ektacolor BP 160,BP
GPF,Ektacolor Gold 160,GPF
GPH,Ektacolor Pro Gold 100 HC,GPH
GPM,Ektacolor Pro Gold 400 MC,GPM
GPX,Ektacolor Pro Gold 160, GPX
GPY,Ektacolor Pro Gold 160, GPY
GPZ,Ektacolor Pro Gold 1000, GPZ
EGP,Ektacolor Gold 400, EGP
PJ100,Ektapress 100 (discontinued), PJ100
PJ400,Ektapress 400 (discontinued), PJ400
PJ800,Ektapress 800 (discontinued), PJ800
PJM,Ektapress Professional Multispeed (discontinued?),PJM
PJA,Ektapress Plus / Ektapress Gold 100,PJA
PJZ,Ektapress Plus / Ektapress Gold 200,PJZ
PJB,Ektapress Plus / Ektapress Gold 400,PJB
PJC,Ektapress Plus / Ektapress Gold 1600,PJC
"SUPRA 100", Supra 100, SUPRA 100
"SUPRA 200", Supra 200, SUPRA 200
"SUPRA 400", Supra 400,SUPRA 400
"SUPRA 800",Supra 800,SUPRA 800
"ROYAL SUPRA 200",Royal Supra 200,ROYAL SUPRA 200
"ROYAL SUPRA 400",Royal Supra 400,ROYAL SUPRA 400
"ROYAL SUPRA 800",Royal Supra 800,ROYAL SUPRA 800
PHR,Ektar 25 Professional,PHR
CK,Ektar 25,CK
"EKTAR 100",Ektar 100 *,EKTAR 100
CW,Ektar 125,CW
CJ,Ektar 1000,CJ
CA,Kodacolor VR-G 100 ('80s),CA
CB,Kodacolor VR-G 200 ('80s),CB
CC,Kodacolor VR-G 400 ('80s),CC
CX,Kodacolor-X (Process C-22) *,CX
NE,Kodak Autocolor,NE
CO,Commercial 200,CO
LE400,Law Enforcement 400,LE400
CP,VR 100 (very old stock),CP
"ADVANTIX 100", Advantix 100 (APS),ADVANTIX 100
"ADVANTIX 200", Advantix 200 (APS),ADVANTIX 200
"ADVANTIX 400", Advantix 400 (APS),ADVANTIX 400

EA,Elitechrome 50,EA
EB,Elitechrome 100,EB
EC,Ektachrome 100 HC,EC
ED,Elitechrome 200,ED
EL,Elitechrome 400,EL
EBX,Elitechrome Extra Color 100,EBX
ET,Elitechrome 160T,ET
E100S,Ektachrome E100S,E100S
E100G,Ektachrome E100G,E100G
E100GP,Ektachrome E100GP,E100GP
E100GX,Ektachrome E100GX,E100GX
E100SW,Ektachrome E100SW,E100SW
E100VS,Ektachrome E100VS,E100VS
E200,Ektachrome E200,E200
EH, Ektachrome HS 160, EH
EPD,Ektachrome 200 Professional,EPD
EPL,Ektachrome 400 Professional,EPL
EPH,Ektachrome P1600 Professional / Ektachrome 1600X,EPH
EPJ,Ektachrome 320T Professional,EPJ
EPL,Ektachrome 400X Professional,EPL
EPN,Ektachrome 100 Professional,EPN
EPP,Ektachrome 100 Plus Professional,EPP
EPR,Ektachrome 64 Professional,EPR
EPT,Ektachrome 160T Professional,EPT
EPX, Ektachrome 64X Professional, EPX
EPY,Ektachrome 64T Professional,EPY
EPZ,Ektachrome 100X,EPZ
ER,Ektachrome 64,ER
EES,Ektachrome P800/1600, EES
EDUPE,Ektachrome Duplicating Film EDUPE,EDUPE
ESD,Ektachrome Slide Duplicating Film 5071,ESD
LPP,Ektachrome Lumiere 100 Professional,LPP
LPZ,Ektachrome Lumiere 100X Professional,LPZ
LPX,Ektachrome Lumiere 50/50X Professional,LPX
PRS,Ektachrome Panther 50,PRS
PRX,Ektachrome Panther 50X,PRX
PRP,Ektachrome Panther 100,PRP
PRZ,Ektachrome Panther 100X,PRZ
PRD,Ektachrome Panther 200X,PRD
EPL,Ektachrome Panther 400X,EPL
EPH,Ektachrome Panther 1600X,EPH
HCS,Ektagraphic HC Slide,HCS
PKL,Kodachrome 200 Professional,PKL
PKM,Kodachrome 25 Professional, PKM
PKR,Kodachrome 64 Professional, PKR
KM,Kodachrome 25, KM
KR,Kodachrome 64, KR
KL,Kodachrome 200, KL

Black and White
125PX,PLUS-X 125,125PX
PX, PLUS-X Pan (135),PX
PXP, PLUS-X Pan Professional (120 & 220),PXP
PXE, PLUS-X Pan Professional ESTAR Base (70mm),PXE
PXT, PLUS-X Pan Professional ESTAR Base (sheets),PXT
100TMX,T-MAX 100,100TMX
TMX,T-MAX 100 Professional,TMX
400TMY,T-MAX 400,400TMY
320TXP,TRI-X 320,320TXP
P3200TMZ,T-MAX 3200,P3200TMZ

TP,Technical Pan,TP
FX,Panatomic X,FX
400TX,TRI-X 400,400TX
TXP,TRI-X Pan Professional,TXP
TXT,TRI-X Pan Professional (sheets),TXT
"T400 CN",T400 CN (Process C-41),T400 CN
BW400CN,BW400CN (Process C-41),BW400CN
"PORTRA 400BW", Portra 400 BW, PORTRA 400BW
VP,Verichrome Pan,VP
OC,Ortho Copy,OC
RPF,Royal Pan,RPF
RX,Royal-X Pan,RX
DXN,Eastman Double-X 5222,DXN
FRP, Eastman Fine Grain Release Positive 5302, FRP

HIE,High Speed Infrared,HIE
EIR,Ektachrome Professional Infrared,EIR
IE, Ektachrome Infared (old stock, proccess E4), IE

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 5 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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