herbiehancock00 12:59pm, 12 March 2009
I just started getting into film so I'm still not too familiar with the subtleties between different filmes. I really like this image and was wondering what film was used to get this neutral but contrasty look.


Thank you!
mfophotos PRO 9 years ago
Why not ask the photographer on the site where the image came from? Assuming of course, that it was shot on film.
Haku - Alessio Ludovico Bottiroli Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Haku - Alessio Ludovico Bottiroli (member) 9 years ago
The exif say that it was taken with a Fuji SP-3000, but i don't know if it's a digital camera or a scanner. I'm going to google a little bit.

The SP-3000 It's a scanner, so i'm going to say that the picture has something that reminds me of Kodak Portra 160NC, but I won't swear on it :)
(mjh) 9 years ago
I would also guess it's something like Porta 160NC, but can only guess. Just ask the photographer as suggested above.
david.alliet 9 years ago
It's a very natural looking film, so Portra NC is a good bet.
The SP-3000 is the scanner used in Fuji labs.

Film could be Portra or Fuji 160 NC it has the look.
mattmoy_2000 PRO 9 years ago
That image looks as though it might have some sharpening applied, hence why the man "pops out" of the background, giving the appearance of high(ish) contrast.
steadfast clover [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by steadfast clover (member) 9 years ago
fuji 160s maybe? I shoot 160 NC everyday, fuji always seems a bit greener to me.
screwy wabbit 9 years ago
another film with subdued colors is Fuji Pro 400h, just do a search for "portrait nph" to see some samples... if you want cartoony colors go for the Kodak Ektar :)
alte22a 9 years ago
I got a hunch its 160nc or Fuji 160s... :D
Horseshoot 9 years ago
Perhaps there was some sharpening. But, then again, it could simply be due to the excellent shallow depth of field. It is a nice photo.

kediwah PRO 9 years ago
NPS 160 or 160NC.

This "muted" normal look has been around for quite a while, btw.
LeNoirPhotog 9 years ago
that is very likely kodak NC
blazejs 9 years ago
According to skin colour I'd guess it was Kodak Portra. Fuji produces rather more pink skin shades.
lucky class [deleted] 9 years ago
It is a negative film and there aren't many out there, so kodak portra 160 of Fuji 160 is a good bet.
If you all want to try a really good film, Ektar 100 is coming out in 120 size in April of 2009.
kukkurovaca PRO 9 years ago
Of course, Ektar is almost the exact opposite of the film in question. : )
naugastyle PRO 9 years ago
All good possibilities. Also maybe Reala, like this photo:

TESFA day 2
Solid State Radio 9 years ago
Fuji Astia 100F ?
eyepenn PRO 9 years ago
Looks like Portra. Either VC or NC.
Victor Princiotta 9 years ago
definitely not VC. I've found that vericolor III has amazing colors. if you can find some get it.

Portra 160NC

Vericolor III

slightly more saturated but still very natural
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